Brief Background and Explanation

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*A disorderly house was a building in the 18th century that housed ongoings that could cause public offense. This would include gambling dens, brothels, and other such illegal underground facilities. In reference to my story, a molly house is a homosexual meeting place for men, and it also classifies as a disorderly house. Highly illegal.

In 1726, one of the most notorious molly houses in London, Mother Clap's, was raided and shut down; and 40 to 50 homosexual men were arrested. Many were hung.*

There was not a police force in London in 1726. Law-enforcement was overseen by constables, and carried out by watchmen and citizens- who would receive reward. I have opted to make my police force more recognizable for readers by giving them some form of uniform; black coats. The 'police' that apprehended the mollyhouse patrons was made up mainly of constables.

Professor Simon Woods is a character belonging to my fiction Riven Isles. This story is not canon, but his character and his feelings towards himself are true between this short story and his real setting.

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