"Hold Your Eight Legged Horses."

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one more chapter darlings. then we're all done. id like to finish off some of my books and maybe think about doing Age of Ultron. maybe.

twenty three

Wincing in pain, Loki slowly crawled from the huge dent in the floor to prop himself up on a stair, face bloody and bruised, clothes ripped to pieces. He closed his eyes to take a few deep breaths, before feeling uneasy, like someone was watching him.

Turning, the God gulps at the sight of the Avengers, their faces full of anger. Each had their weapon trained on him, except Perci, who was still tired from her whole ordeal, instead leaning heavily on Thor.

"If it's all the same to you. I'll have that drink now."

Bruce snorted and Perci snickered.


Sally held her daughter close, stroking the tangled, raven locks on her head. Already having been told she would see her again, the brunette was having a hard even thinking of letting go of Perci and she wasn't ready yet. At all.

Thor stood off to the side, watching as his betrothed comforted her mother, a sad look on his face. He'd come to love the woman like his own mother and really did feel bad for taking away her daughter.

But it wasn't likely that Thor would let Persephone go either. All three turned to the sound of knocks on the door.

Perci and Sally, still in their embrace, Thor opened the door. And there Poseidon stood.

The God of the Sea gave a blank stare to the one who he would soon call his son-in-law. The promise of utter destruction if Thor should ever break his daughter's heart, burned in the sea God's eyes, making the Norseman gulp.

The black haired Olympian stepped into the apartment and moved to the mother and daughter sitting on the lounge, entwined in each other's arms.

Poseidon smiled sadly and drew them both into a warm and comforting hug. He pressed his lips to Persephone's forehead and whispered, "Just say the word and I'll hide you away in my palace. You don't have to marry him and dam my brother for even thinking of such a thought."

His daughter, with matching sea green eyes, looked up at him with amusement shining through the tears, "I don't think so Dad. I've...come to love him."

He sighed, "Of course you have."

The God then stuffed a hand into the front pocket of his hideous Hawaiian shirt and pulled out a small wrapped present. The paper was pink and an elegant golden bow was tied on top of it, "Aphrodite told me to give you this. She also told me to tell you to open it when you're alone."

Both women raised an eyebrow and exchanged a glance. Persephone took it and hugged her father once more, "I love you Dad."

"I love you too, baby girl." And with a sad smile, he was gone in a mist of seawater, the aroma filling the room.

The newly made Goddess then stood and gestured for her mother to follow her to her room. She looked to Thor and in a demanding tone before walking away, said, "Stay here."

Persephone completely missed the shivers that were sent down her fiancé's back.


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