Toshinori Yagi

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Written by golden-toshinori on tumblr

S/o wears skirts that's straddle the line of being too short

• Toshinori would be protective of his s/o in public; men on the street stare at her but she doesn't care. If he's in his All Might form people would scurry away but his s/o scolds him since she doesn't mind the attention.

• "Oops I did it again-"

• She would wear a really short skirt around the apartment to make him flustered so he would stay in one place most of the time so he doesn't make himself spew blood.

• He's very supportive of her choices; he doesn't mind going clothes shopping and picking out a few things for her or just judging a few things, he's there for her!

• If he's invited to a gala or a important dinner he'll take his s/o who is wearing a Gucci embellished leather dress with a pair of leather boots (which she bought herself); he'll be in a matching black suit with a baby blue tie.

• The media says she's into him for the money but his s/o actually gets an interview where she actually explains how they met; they were best friends when he was in America and she eventually moved over to Japan to reconnect, it was that simple.

• If his s/o was a hero she would probably wear a f/c jumpsuit and immediately jumps into a pencil skirt and white blouse.

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