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You stood in front of the full length mirror, observing the way you looked. You had on a long, blue dress - and you looked like an absolute vision. At present moment, you were getting ready to celebrate your twentieth wedding anniversary with your husband, Michael Jackson.

Twenty years of marriage had taught you both a great deal, as well as given you a great deal. You had two beautiful children - Edward, 18; and Clara, 16. Your children were your everything, and so was your husband. With a sigh, you walked out of the bedroom - and made your way down the staircase, where your entire family was waiting for you.

Michael's family was also there, and when everyone saw you - they gasped.  You truly looked like something out of a fairytale. You were stunning.

Janet ran up to you and hugged you, squeezing you tight.

"Ah!" she giggled. "You're so beautiful! I love that dress!"

"Aw, thank you, Jan," you smiled humbly before you walked over to sit down with Michael. Once everyone had settled down in the living room, Clara and Edward stood up.

"Now, Eddie and I have something to show you all," Clara smiled as she walked over to switch off the lights. At the front of the living room - a large, white sheet was setup so that a projector could function. "These are home videos from when we were younger,"

You laughed as Edward started the show.


January 24th, 1988.

You laughed as Michael ran around the grounds, playing with Edward. You were six months pregnant with Clara - and you could not have been happier.

Carol held the camera, getting you in the shot. Carol was the chief of staff at Neverland, and practically a member of your small family.

"(Y/N)!" Michael called as he ran around with Edward. "Come on!" he chuckled, making you smile widely.

"I can't!" you giggled before Edward ran up to you. You managed to lift him up, sitting him on your hip.

Michael walked up to you, a loving smile on his face as he kissed your cheek.

"I love you so much," he whispered.


March 3rd, 1994.

You stood in the kitchen, observing the dish that was on the stove. You had just discovered a new recipe, and you were extremely excited to try it out. Next to you, lay a pan of leftover flour.

Suddenly, you heard Edward and Clara running into the kitchen.

"Mom! He took my doll!" Clara pouted, folding her arms. You turned around and set your hands on your hips. "And he won't give it back!"

"Edward?" you raised an eyebrow at him. He had his hands behind his back, and you knew that he was hiding Clara's doll.

At that moment, Michael walked in - and when he saw your expression, he froze.

"Woah," he looked at the camera before laughing. "What's going on?"

"Eddie took Clara's doll," Carol spoke from behind the camera, making you giggle slightly. Michael raised an eyebrow before smirking.

"Really?" he walked over to you, making you frown slightly. "Because I didn't think so!" he grabbed a handful of flour and threw it in your face.

"Agh!" you exclaimed. "I'm getting you back for that!"


As time passed, more videos were shown - there was a whole lot. Good moments, and bad - the entire collection. By the end of it all, your eyes were filled with tears, and Michael was holding onto your hand tightly.

In fact, the entire family was in tears because what you and Michael had was true perfection - and no one could dispute that. The two of you were the epitome of pure, and true love.

"I'll never forget what great parents you've been to us," Clara sniffled. "We are who we are, simply because you loved us,"

"And even though we may grow old, you'll always be mom and dad to us," Edward smiled.

"Oh my God!" Janet exclaimed. "I'm crying!"

"So am I!" Michael laughed a little, shaking his head before standing up to hug Clara. You stood up as well, hugging Edward.

You heard Michael tell Clara how much he loved her, and your heart pounded with happiness. You were so grateful for your children, and for your husband. Michael was the man that had changed everything for you. He taught you what love was.

"I love you," you whispered as you rubbed Edward's back. "I love you all so much,"


Once the day was over, everyone went home - and Clara and Edward had decided to give you, and Michael, some quiet time. It had been an hour since they had left the house, and at present moment, you were laying in Michael's arms. The two of you had just made love, and a wide smile was on your face as Michael ran his fingers up and down your bare arm.

"I love you so much," he whispered. "I want you to know that you're everything to me,"

You looked up at him, and he smiled - bringing his eyes to meet yours.

"I love you way more," you breathed. "Michael, you'll never know how much you mean to me," you began to tear up. "I love you so much that it hurts,"

"Oh, I'm pretty sure that I love you more," he winked. "You're the woman who made my life complete,"

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