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Your eyes fluttered open as your fifteen year old daughter, Charlotte, shook you awake. You laughed a little as your other two daughters, Dani and Madeleine, rushed into the room. Dani and Madeleine were twins, both thirteen. As you sat up, Charlotte clapped her hands.

"Happy birthday, mom!" she giggled in excitement. You grinned and shook your head as you sat up slowly. Each of your girls held a gift bag in their hands, and they set the bags down before you.

"Open!" Dani squealed, clapping her hands. Tears of joy filled your eyes as you opened Charlotte's gift first. She had bought you a beautiful watch. You wiped away the tears with the back of your hand before kissing your eldest daughter's cheek.

Next, you opened Dani's gift to find that she had bought you a pretty necklace.

"Thank you honey," you kissed Dani's forehead before opening Madeleine's gift, finding that she had bought you a bracelet. You were so grateful for your three angels. You opened your mouth to say something, but you were cut off when your husband, Michael, walked in. You giggled when you saw that his eyes were wide.

"Damn, I thought I was going to be the first to give you your gift," he shook his head. "I was wrong," he rolled his eyes playfully before walking over to you, a small gift bag in his hand. He handed the bag gently to you. "Happy birthday," he whispered before winking.


You giggled as you opened the bag, fishing out a small, red velvet box.

"Ooh," Charlotte wiggled her eyebrows. "Dad got mom something nice,"

"We got mom something nice too," Dani pouted, making you laugh.

Sure enough, you opened the box to reveal a pair of diamond earrings. From the way Michael was looking at you, you knew that the diamonds were real.

"I don't deserve this," you looked at your family with happy eyes.

"You deserve everything nice," Michael got down on his knees, taking your left hand in his, and kissing the back of it. "But for today, the girls and I have something planned for you," he grinned.

"What?" you raised an eyebrow.

"We're going to Disneyland!" the girls squealed, making you laugh.

"What?" you breathed. "But we can't, we'll be recognized,"

"Nope," Michael held his index finger up. "Not if we wear disguises,"


About an hour later, the five of you were all at Disneyland - cleverly disguised. Charlotte, Dani, and Madeleine all wore wigs, and had colorful hats on. Michael had on a wig, as well as a hat - but you weren't wearing much of a disguise - all you had was a large hat.

You hoped that no one would recognize you. Michael held your hand as you all walked about, admiring the rides, and admiring the characters.

"Mom, look!" Charlotte pointed at Mickey Mouse, making your eyes go wide. The Mickey Mouse mascot waved, and you waved back whilst giggling.

Suddenly, several children came running in your direction - knocking you to the ground. As you fell, so did your hat - and your face could be seen very clearly.

It took a moment for people to react, but they reacted nevertheless.

"(Y/N) Jackson?!" a female shouted, making everyone look at you.

"Shit," Michael mumbled before pulling you up to your feet.

"Is that Michael?!" another female screamed, making Michael clear his throat.

"(Y/N), love," he whispered. "Run,"

With that, the five of you broke into a run. Madeleine and Dani were having fun, laughing away - but Charlotte was more serious, she was panicking.

"We're gonna die!" she fussed as you all ran.

"No, we're not!" Michael laughed. "Not if we get to the car on time!"

Eventually, the car was in sight - only a few more meters left to run. A large crowd of people had begun following all of you - and a stampede was imminent. Several more minutes passed before you all got into the car, quickly shutting the doors. As soon as the doors were closed, Bill, the driver, sped away - leaving the screaming crowds behind.

"Oh God..." you breathed. "That was crazy,"


By the end of the day, the girls were all asleep - and you and Michael were seated on the large bed that the two of you shared. It was a little after midnight, and the night was fairly warm.

"Today was crazy," Michael chuckled. "I still can't believe that we managed to get away!"

"Me either!" you joined in. "It was my fault anyway, I should have had on a better disguise," you shook your head. "But I really appreciate what you and the kids did for me today," you smiled.

"You mean yesterday?" he wiggled his eyebrows, making you roll your eyes playfully.

"Yes," you giggled before Michael moved closer to you.

"I love you, (Y/N) Jackson," he whispered. "And for as long as I'm alive, I will never stop loving you,"

Your eyes began to tear up as you kissed him softly.

"I love you way more, Michael Jackson,"

"I love you most,"

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