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Alex POV

High school is so boring. All me and my friends do is talk. I know that you are supposed to learn, but do we really need that? Besides, copying off of people's paper is a way better option. It gets you good grades without learning.

"Alex, come on it's time to get up." My mom said, waking me.
"Mom! I said I can wake up by myself!"
"I'm sorry, but I made breakfast."
"Fine, Whatever." I said, getting up. I've told her so many times that I'm not a baby anymore, but she refuses to listen, and it gets on my nerves.

As I finished getting dressed, my dad walked into the room.
"Hey, your mom told me about this morning, why did you yell at her?" He said
"Cause I told her so many times to stop waking me up in the morning."
"That's not a reason to yell at her, she's just doing her job." And with that, he walked out my room. My parents are the absolute worst. They always I'm wrong when I'm always right!

As I arrived at school, I saw some of my friends talking. We were the popular group, and it's amazing. You know? Bossing people around, having nerds doing our homework, it's what high school is about for us.
"Hey guys" I said
"Hey Alex." Said Erin
"So there is a problem, the person that does our homework backed out and threatened to snitch, so we need a new person." Said Liza
"There is that Joey kid?"I replied
"His grades aren't the best though?" Liza said
"Ooo! How about that David kid? His grades are great and he doesn't have many friends, so it'll get done quicker?" Zane suggested
"That's perfect! Let's use him." I said
"Then it's a plan, plus I know where he goes for lunch, let's start there." Todd said
"Got it!" We all said. This is gonna be fun.

As second period ended I started toward the lunchroom, where we decided to meet before we left for David's spot. Todd told us where it was so we sat next to it. While waiting for David to arrive, we set up another plan on how to get him to agree with the homework.
"Maybe we can mess with him for a little bit, then confront him?" Said Scott
"Yeah, but we only have 20 minuets, we can't cover all that in that small amount of time." Said Carly. She was right, and with the way David is, he could not even listen to us and just go somewhere else.
"Carly's right. 20 minuets is not enough. And for all we know, David could just ignore us the entire time. This might take some more convincing." I said. And they all agree

Finally, the David Dobrik arrived


Words: 470

Idk why I like posting small chapters, but chapter 4 might also be posted today

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