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By: _daylaylay_16

All Rights Reserved

September 12, 2018

Also, I wanted to let you lovely readers know that I will be working alongside JorginaAdele on this new story we're working on.

We have decided to create a series where our worlds will connect and intertwine within the same universe. Our stories can be read alone but we highly encourage you guys to read both of our books together. As we will answer questions you might have from her world or mine; leaving hints and clues, where our characters will unravel secrets the other characters know from the other side.

We hope you lovelies enjoy these series. We are presenting our first book to you loved so please enjoy the story.

Good constructive criticism is always appreciated.

Don't forget to give my friend a follow as she is an amazing writer.

Enjoy loves ♥️

SACRIFICE by JorginaAdele

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SACRIFICE by JorginaAdele

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