Chapter 1

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Nyx followed Reed Richards, also known as her brother, she knew him as a genius who could care less about the world around him while working on a project and was way too serious. Herself on the other hand, well she liked to just ride around on her motorcycle and play tricks on Reed and his friends. Of course that was when she wasn't working at Starbucks and casually flirting back with some of the guys who would show up in hopes to see her. At that moment one of her more common customers showed up and she sent him a bright smile, her electric blue eyes glittering.

            "Nyx! What are you doing here?" Jason asked.

            "I'm with my brother on business." She saw Ben roll his eyes.

            "Oh right, Victor said he was having a meeting with an old friend... sent me out to get his lunch." Jason muttered the last part.

            "Hmm, better watch out if he's as impatient as you told me Reed's going to put him in a worse mood."

            Jason was about to reply but Ben interrupted. "Come on we can't be late!"

            "Coming!" Nyx glanced back at Jason. "Well guess I'll see you next time you go on a coffee run."

            Nyx ran over to catch up with Reed and Ben, she smirked at Ben glared at her.

            "What's wrong? Don't tell me my brother's been wearing off on you."

            "No, but Victor can be... well..." Ben trailed off.

            "Yeah I get that from his employers."

            "You act too much like Johnny." Ben muttered.

            Nyx let out a short burst of laughter. "I'm not that bad."

            They continued walking until they were by a giant statue of Victor and, of course, Reed being Reed, had to say something about why it was there. "High open space, exposed structural elements. Obviously aimed at first time visitors to create a feeling of... smallness, inadequacy."

            They noticed how nervous he was starting to look but it was Ben who spoke up. "Good thing it aint working.... Reed, what are we doing here? This guy's fast-food, strip-mall science."

            Nyx let out a cough. "NASA."

            "She's right, NASA was first, or did you forget?" Reed looked at the statue once more. "Victor's not that bad... he's just a little larger than life."  

            "I don't call a twenty foot statue little." Nyx muttered and heard Ben laugh in agreement.

            They walked inside and Nyx started looking around, Victor's picture was everywhere with his achievements. Reed once again started pointing out the obvious as they passed more pictures of Victor shaking hands with government agents.

            "He's financed some of the biggest breakthroughs of this century."

            "You'd never know it." Ben replied sarcastically.

            After finally making it to the receptionist without having any more lectures Reed went to tell the lady who they were. "Reed and Nyx Richards along with Ben Grimm to see-"

            The lady handed them the passes before he could finish. "Executive elevator, top floor."

            "What's the price for a smile around here?" Ben grumbled as they walked away.

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