|Chapter 4|

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  Silence. Absolute silence. Who is this? Reine tried to move out of his lap but he wouldn't budge. Why is he touching me. "Hey, hey it's ok I'm not gonna hurt you." But Reine wouldn't listen. She twists and turns until, Alexander finally let go. Reine scrambled away until her back hit the bed.

"Reine... please I'm not gonna hurt you." He touched me. Reine felt as if her skin was on fire. Her hands were about to touch the skin where he touched but, a screaming Nicole ran through. "Reine, are you okay?" Nicole got on her knees and inspected Reine. While Nicole was rambling, she saw Alexander stand and look at Nicole with such anger.

"Nicole" Alexander growled. As soon as her name was passed through his mouth Nicole paled. "Mr. Giovanni I'm sorry I-." Alexander cut her off. "I'll deal with you later." Nicole scrambled out of the room. Mr. Giovanni? Is he related to Antonio and Christian? Reine was snapped out of her daze when his hand was held out for hers. She just stared at his hand.

She look up at his eyes when he pulled his hand away. Hurt was written all over it. Why is he sad? "Follow me." Not questioning it she follows him.


A plate of pancakes was put in front of her. It was really fluffy like, you could just lay down in it. Reine  just stared at it. She looked up at Alexander and he was just staring at her. "Reine please eat... Nicole told me you haven't eaten anything." A pout settled on her face. "I did!"

    Oops I wasn't supposed to yell at him. Alexander had an amused grin on his face like he didn't expect her to yell at him. "Oh really what did you eat." Reine kept quiet not wanting to say what she ate, which was a banana. "B-But I have work to do." Alexander gave Reine an "are you serious look" which Reine gave him a sheepish smile in return.

  Both of their heads turned when kitchen door opened and a man walk out. His hair was slicked back with streaks of blonde running through them. He had dark blue eyes just like Christian but the same facial features as Alexander. All she understood was Alexander's name and nothing else after that, he was speaking rapid Italian.

  "Reine I'm leaving and when I get back those pancakes better be finished." He looked at Reine sternly then smiled. Alexander nodded his head than went out with the man. Two men came in wearing suits. "Mr. Giovanni said we can't let you leave you until eat." Sigh. This is going to be a long day.


Screams and sobs were the only thing they heard when Alexander and the man stepped into the basement of the warehouse. Some people would think this place was their doom. But, for Alexander it was his life. As a young kid he was taught how to fire a gun, defend himself, torture, etc. The man also known as Oliver was Alexander's older brother by a year.

The cell door opened and revealed a man that was beaten until he was black and blue. Oliver pointed towards a guard then to the man in the chair. The guard knew what to do. He grabbed a bucket and filled it with ice cold water and poured it over the man. The man's eyes snapped open and his eyes settled on the Giovanni brother's.

"Good morning Mateo, hope you had a nice nap. Now let's talk about business alright." Oliver's voice was sinister and dark.

Mateo shook his head fearfully but, he knew he couldn't do anything his death was about to come soon.


Reine was finally done with her pancakes and she headed up with the two guards. Not knowing where their going she followed without hesitation. That was one of Reine's weaknesses. She was taught to follow anyone's order and if she didn't she would get punished.

They stopped in front of the room Reine woke up in. "Sleep, then we will wake you up for lunch." As soon as they left Reine opened the door slammed it shut and locked it. She wanted to throw herself onto the bed and cry but she knew she couldn't. It was time to plan her escape.

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