|Chapter 3|

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   The heavy red curtains blocked out the sunlight from shining down on a sleeping Reine. Her hair was all over the fluffy white pillow while her mouth was slightly open with drool coming out of it. Her peaceful form was awoken by a door opening and slamming shut.

Reine's vision was a little funny but it cleared out. In front of Reine's was a burly bald man with a beard. He was scary looking. Reine was terrified. She didn't know who this man was. "Get dressed." After that he left without saying a single word. That's when questions came barreling into Reine's head. Where am I? Who was that? Why do I have to get dressed?

   That's when it hit Reine. I was kidnapped by some gang or something. Ok don't freak out now and just do what the guy told me.

Reine pushed away the blanket and got up from the bed. The flooring of the room was a dark wood. Well at least the room looks good. Reine's tiny hand grabbed the bag and pulled out a french maids outfit. Her hand went inside the bag again and pulled out a bra and panties. Color filled her cheeks immediately. They were lace. She quickly stuffed the clothes into the bag and went into the bathroom.


Rain stepped out of the bathroom with the maids outfit on. It was fitting very fitting. The dress hugged her curves perfectly. As she look down she saw her stomach hanging out. Man I love food. Ok now is not the time. She look around the room and saw a box perched on the bed. A shoe box to be exact. As she walked over she saw the logo on the box. Jimmy Choo. What?! What is happening? I gotta leave.

She opened the box and pulled out black heels. Reine quickly slipped them on. Cool, I'm wearing shoes that costs more than my life. Reine look down and saw little bows attached to the thigh high socks she was wearing. God, what kind of maid outfit is this. The door opened and walk in from before was the man. Baldy over here was staring at Reine like a piece of meat. "Let's go." Not wanting to anger baldy she quickly followed him out the door


There was a group of girls around Reine's age wearing the maid outfit. Men with guns blocked each exit and a blond women with a navy blue dress was taking to a man holding a gun. She looks important. Reine's felt someone's hand push her. She turned around and it was baldy. "Go over there." He pointed towards the groups of girls. Rain meekly nodded her head. Feeling the urge to just scratch her self but she refrained from doing it. Breath in and out.

The group of girls noticed her and started to whisper. Great, I'm the talk of this place. More girls started to pile in and whisper about Reine. "Ignore them" a voice said behind her. Reine's turned around and was met with a beautiful girl with fiery red hair and dark green eyes.

The girl held her hand out waiting for Rain to shake it. But, she just stood there. "Um, my name is Nicole and you must be Reine." She had slight accent but what is it? Not knowing what to do Reine ask the question she was dying to know. "Where am I?" It was surprising that Nicole heard what Reine was saying. Meeting new people is difficult for Reine. She'll talk with the most quietest voice ever and half the time people walked away from her because of how quiet she is.

"Italy. You didn't know that. The guard was supposed to inform you." Did she mean baldy? "Baldy? Do you mean Sebastian?" Shitz she heard me. "Anyways, I was told to show you around and tell you your schedule." "How did I ge-." Reine couldn't finish her sentence because she was interrupted by the blond women clapping her hands. What she didn't expect was the women to start speaking rapid Italian. While all the girls were nodding there heads Reine stood there confused as ever.

  The women stoped talking and all the girls went their seperate ways. "What did she say?" "Oh that's not for you.... come I'll give you a tour of the house." Tiny chubby legs followed behind Nicole's long slender ones.


Its been three days since Reine has been in the house. Reine had already gotten used to her schedule. Wake up at 8:30 sharp, eat food quickly, have a brief 5 minute meeting about the day, bring food to section C-5 guards, wash dishes, clean dining table, go up to the section C-5 guards rooms and clean, and so on.

  While, Reine was cleaning and alarm went off. More specifically a fire alarm. The schools would always make her have special head phones so she didn't cause a "scene". The schools words not hers. Her own hands clamped over her ears. To loud. To loud. It felt like her ears drums were about to burst. Tears like a waterfall were running down her face. Reine collapsed in the floor and curled up into a ball while chanting "to loud".

From the other side of the house all Nicole could think of was Reine. I'm coming Reine.
Sobs were coming out of Reine. The alarm was still ringing. Suddenly her hands were off of her ears and something was placed over it. Reine couldn't hear anything. She was pulled off of the ground and onto someone's lap. She couldn't see this person because her face was buried into their chest. But, she could tell it was a man.

He kept rocking her back and forth for 10 minutes until he pushed her out of his chest. The headphones were pulled off of her ears as she met he persons face. A gasp left her face he looked exactly like her but older. The same hair color same giant eyes. He even had the same tiny nose.

He smiled down said. "Hey Reine I'm Alexander." Am I famous around here or something?

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