Chapter 23; Graduation

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~Third Person POV~

       Olivia and Michael visited Rosie all day once they heard that she was up. When visiting hours ended, they made their way out of the hospital and back into the car. Before they left the room, Olivia hugged her mother tight, "I'm so glad you're up, I've missed you. I can't wait to see you tomorrow! I love you!" Olivia said. After they finished saying goodbye, they exited the hospital and got inside Michael's car. "So, you hungry?" Michael asked with a grin upon his face. She chuckled, "you know that I am!" She cheerfully said. She was in a better mood once she heard about her mother. Nothing could ruin the joy her heart was feeling. "Anywhere but the cheesecake factory" she added. She didn't know if Diana was still there or not, but she didn't want to risk the awkwardness of running into her. Michael smiled. "Let's go to the mall, I want chinese food and the food court has the best chinese restaruant for that." Michael said. "Alright!" She replied. With that, they made their way to the mall...


       They got to the mall and parked far. It seemed to be busy, but they didn't understand why. It wasn't normally busy, so something must be going on here. Although it was currently summer, the night breeze made it seem like fall. Michael got out of the car first and rushed to the other side to open the door for Olivia before she even got a chance to. She nodded and closed the door after getting out. He held his hand out for her to grab and they walked inside the mall. Olivia was shivering causing Michael to giggle. "So me being cold is a joke to you, huh?" She teased. He giggled a bit harder and removed his blazer, placing it over her shoulders to cover her. "Hush!" He said with a smile. She smiled back.
       Michael grabbed Olivia's hand again and they made their way to the food court. Once they got there, they ordered their food and took a seat. They immediately began eating. Once they finished, they decided to continue to sit there for a few minutes. "I have a question." Michael broke the silence. "Ask away!" Olivia said. "Will you be my girlfriend?" Michael asked. Olivia's eyes widened. She didn't expect this. A smile crept onto her face, "of course!" She blurted out. They both shared a smile. "Good." Michael said. "I wasn't going to take no for an answer." He added. They got up and Olivia hugged him. She pulled back and kissed him. He kissed her back. She was more than happy now.
       They grabbed eachother by the hand and began to make their way back to Michael's car. Olivia was still wearing Michael's blazer. "What are we going to tell my mother? She's going to flip."  Olivia asked. Michael shrugged, "we should wait until she feels better." He admitted. Olivia nodded her head in agreement. They got into his car and made their way back to Michael's house.

~Michael's House~

       Michael unlocked the front door and they made their way inside. Olivia plopped down onto the couch. "I'm actually exhausted." She faintly said. Michael smiled, "go to bed, love. Big day tomorrow!" He responded. "Can I sleep with you again?" She asked. Michael smirked and shook his head, "of course, baby." He said. She smiled and went upstairs. She first went into her room to change and then went right to Michael's bed. She got under the covers on his king size bed and waited for him. "Mikeyyyyy!" She called out sing songey. "I'm coming!" He yelled back with laughter. He walked inside the room and instructed her to cover her face. "I have to change, look away!" He said. She respected his privacy even though they had already slept together. She turned her face away from him and smiled. He changed into his dark red button down pajama shirt and pants and made his way over to Olivia. He got under the covers and pulled her close to his body. He loved holding her and she loved it too. "I have a question" she whispered. "What is it, sweetheart?" He softly responded. His voice gave her butterflies. "You're coming to the graduation tomorrow, what do you think they're going to say?" She asked. "I don't care. I'm going for you, so I'm not concerned about them." He responded. She smiled and turned to face him. He smiled. It wasn't too dark for her to see his smile which caused her to smile. He moved the hair away from her face and kissed her on her lips. "You're so cute, Liv." He whispered. She began blushing and nuzzled her face into his chest. In no time, the couple soon fell asleep.

~The Next Morning, Graduation Day~

       Olivia woke up and reached out for Michael. She realized he wasn't there and sat up in the bed. She was quickly greeted by the smell of buttered toast, accompanied by eggs and bacon. She took in the smell and smiled. She got out of the bed and put on Michael's robe. She was wearing pajama shorts and a tank top, but she was cold. She made her way downstairs in the over sized robe. "Goodmorning!" She said to Michael once she reached the kitchen. He jumped, "Liv! You startled me!" He giggled. "But goodmorning beautiful lady of mine." He added. Olivia blushed and laughed to herself. "Well, you woke up just in time  breakfast just finished! Take a seat, hon!" He told her with a smile. She obliged and sat down at the table, awaiting her breakfast. Michael set down a plate full of food in front of her and another plate full where he would be sitting. He poured them each a glass of orange juice and joined Olivia at the table. They ate their breakfast within about a half hour and continued to sit there for a moment. "I should probably get ready for graduation." Olivia said. "I'll clean up the mess while you go get ready okay?" Michael said. Olivia smiled and nodded and began to walk away. She made three steps and turned around to face Michael. She walked over to him and gave him a peck on the lips. "Now, I'll go get ready." She said. Michael smiled and slightly blushed. Olivia walked away and into her room to get dressed. She started with her makeup and picked out a cute below the knee floral dress with brown sandals. She slipped her gown over it and put her cap on and made her way back downstairs. "Ready!" She called out. Michael had already changed into a red and black suit and tie.


       Olivia was in a room separated from Michael and her mother. She stood beside Triniti. "Girl, I can't believe we are graduating today." Triniti said. "Right, I am so anxious. By the way, I have to catch you up on a lot." Olivia responded. "Yeah, I know. You seem to have forgotten how a phone works." Triniti teased her. "Well hey, the phone works both ways you hoe." Olivia teased back. They both let out a laugh. "Soooo, tell me!" Triniti demanded. "Not here! After graduation!" Olivia responded. Triniti sighed and playfully rolled her eyes. "Okay everyone! Listen up because it's time to go out there now!" A teacher began calling out. "Get into 4 lines. Alphabetical order. We will tell you when to enter." The teacher added. Everyone nodded and the graduation ceremony began. One by one we made our way out into the graduation room. Inside is a large stage with over 300 seats. Once Olivia got inside she scanned the room for Michael and her mother. Once she spotted them she waved. They waved back. All the students took a seat and waited for their names to be called so they could walk across the stage. The ceremony took a few hours. They announced scholarships first and then began calling names. When it was Olivia's turn to go up, she confidently walked across the stage and got her diploma. She wore the biggest smile on her face as she made her way across. She went back to her seat and waited for everyone else to get called. When the ceremony ended the principal made one last announcement. He congratulated the students and allowed them to toss their caps up. In unison, all the students threw their caps and cheered. They have officially graduated. Olivia quickly ran to her mother and Michael and hugged them . . .

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