Calum's POV

I'm really excited for my date with Monse. I hope it all goes well, my last attempt at a date failed horribly because of Natalie. Monse and I are going to dinner, then we are going to the beach. I can't wait!

Monse's POV

I'm getting ready for my date with Calum. He said not to get all dressed up for dinner. That's good cause I hate dressing up. I put on a neon green and white striped bikini for when we go to the beach, and on top of that I put on black skinny jeans, a purple t shirt with a white heart on it, and white vans. It was 7:58 when I finished getting ready, Calum should be here in two minutes, I am kinda nervous about asking him tonight.

Luke's POV

Mia and I are leaving for our date at 8. The beach should be empty by now, it's almost 8. I got dressed in my swim trunks then black skinny jeans, obviously. Lastly, I slipped on my black nirvana shirt and my black vans.

Mia's POV

Tonight is gonna be so fun, I haven't been to the beach in ages. I took a quick shower and got dressed in a baby blue bikini, it has white poka-dots on it. I put on a white sundress to go over it. I slipped on some white gladiator sandals, they had little gems on them. They were so cute, I am so girly sometimes, but hey the sandals were super cute.

As soon as I finished getting ready, there was a knock on my door. 

"Ready to go, babe?" Luke said.

"Yep, let's go." I said and intertwined our hands together. To the beach we go, yay.

Calum's POV

Monse and I are on our way to dinner. I don't know when I should ask her to be my girlfriend.

"Calum, you look nervous. What's up?" Monse asked. Was it really that obvious? I wish i could just say "I really like you and I want you to be my girlfriend."

"Really!!!" Monse squealed. Crap did I say that out loud? Oh well.

"Yea." I said. I think I'm blushing.

"I would love to be your girlfriend, in fact I was gonna ask you to be my boyfriend tonight." Monse said.

Now we're at the restaurant and neither of us can stop laughing. Our waitor just gave me his number and winked at me. People keep giving us dirty looks for being so loud, but we don't care. 

We were still laughing while we were walking out the door.

"Did you keep the number?" Monse asked.

"Yea, I think it would be fun to prank call it sometime." I said and we both just started laughing again. We got into the car and started to drive to the beach. We should be there by 9:30. I'm pretty sure Mia and Luke went to the beach, but we won't disturb them when we get there. They are so good together. Nobody ever told me what happened at the gym yesterday, so I have no clue.

Mia's POV

Luke and I just arrived at the beach and I saw a picnic blanket and basket on the ground in the distance. He is so cute. The beach is pretty close to empty. There's only a few other people here.

Luke and I sat down on the picnic blanket and started eating. The whole time we were eating, we kept laughing because of a bad joke Luke or I made. We really are the cutest and dorkiest couple ever. We're done eating and I just noticed that Luke brought his guitar. Yay, he's gonna sing, I love when he sings.

"Mia Evans, exactly three weeks ago from today, was the best day of my life." Luke said. What was he talking about? "That was the day you moved in with the boys and I." He said. Oh yeah that was exactly three weeks ago.

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