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"Park Ji-"

I opened the door expecting Jimin to be standing outside since he's the only one to know the special door-knock password we've been doing ever since we were kids.

But I was wrong it wasn't him.

"Jung Serena, long time no see."


Lee Elani
•wears over sized hoodies
•childhood friend
•likes watermelon
•major in music

"Wow what a warm welcome~" she spoke sarcastically before walking inside without asking first.

Taehyung however chose to sit down on the couch observing the unexpected situation.

"How are you here?! I haven't seen you!! I swear you're underage!!"

"I'm actually the same age as you, you sure are dense if you forgot already."
She said with sass laced in her voice.

"I like her." Tae randomly pointed out reminding me he's still there.

"Shush" I rolled my eyes at him before looking at Elani again.

I haven't seen for the longest time!
She used to go to school with me...but I wasn't too close to her but I know who she is.

She used to have a crush on Jimin, well I think so at least, I saw all the signs but to be honest which girl wouldn't fall for Park Jimin.

Later on she confessed to my older brother hoseok after school one day I was so shocked.

I admired her bravery.
She confessed to a guy 3 years older than her which is unbelievable for me I could never have the courage to do such a thing.

We've never really talked that much before but seeing her in the competition really surprises me.

I'd love to get to know her more!
I never really bonded with anyone from school except Jimin and Jungkook, and ever since Jimin moved Jungkook was all I had.

He's always been there for me.
I love him very dearly.

"Come sit we have a lot to catch up on!"
I rushed her to sit down but she resisted.

"I actually have to get going I just came along to say hi; my roommate is waiting for me."
Elani told me blunty, it was understandable maybe they're preparing for the next competition.

Something Tae never wants to do.

"Aish can't you stay a little while? I can make tea!"

"Thank you really but maybe another time. Don't force me you difficult bean."
She pouted heading towards the door.

"Hey does that mean you remember me!"

"Of course, why wouldn't I remember my middle school crush's sister?"
She laughed like it was the most obvious thing in the world making me embarrassed to even ask such a thing.

Like she came all he way over to my dorm to greet me, of course she remembers me!


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