chapter twenty-six

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Newt's heart beated like never before when he approached the bakery, like a drum in his rib cage. It was hot outside, a warm breeze rushing over him, wrapping him in an unimaginary velvety blanket, but even though he felt warm, he was shaking. His fingers were vibrating and he tried to make them stop by shoving them in his pockets, formed like fists, but it didn't make it any better.

Butterflies in his stomach and head buzzing with positivity and excitement, he could feel his lips twitch, and he knew he would break out into the brightest of smiles the moment he saw the brunet boy. It was a weird feeling he felt; anxious and nervous, but also excited and over the moon. He didn't really have a reason to be nervous, because everything had went good yesterday.

After the kiss, they had smiled and laughed together, and then they had looked back up at the sky and admired how it changed; how the clouds moved, how they changed colours, how the moon replaced the sun, and how they were able to see one more star every minute that went by until the sky was full of tiny sparkles. Newt remembered how Thomas had shuffled closer to him and leaned his head on his shoulder, and he remembered how he had felt Thomas's arm sneak around his middle until it was secured safely around him. It had been silent, but far from uncomfortable or awkward.

They hadn't shared a second kiss, they had hugged each other goodbye and kissed each other's cheeks, but it hadn't been weird at all. Everything had been good. But there was still a nervousness running around in Newt's body, and his mind was creating different "what ifs" that made him feel even worse.

But despite the nervousness and anxiety, he felt happy. The happiness that tinkled inside of him as if his veins had been filled with soda instead of blood, and the excitement that made him feel like he couldn't stand still, were much bigger than the negative feelings he felt. They were much more powerful, and made him smile despise the nervous beating of his heart that he could hear himself.

He was deliriously happy, because he had finally kissed Thomas. He had finally felt those lovely lips touch his own, just like he had dreamt of for a while now. How was it possible for someone so perfect as Thomas to like him back? Newt couldn't quite understand, but he wasn't complaining. It was a dream come true.

With a deep breath, Newt decided to open the door to the bakery and step inside. He would try to act more confident than he felt. He would just walk up to Thomas like any other day, greet him, smile at him, and then maybe kiss him again. He had to kiss him again, because there was no way he was going to act like yesterday didn't happen when he had been waiting for it for so long. They finally kissed. There was no way on Earth he was going to forget that.

When he saw Thomas, behind the counter in his caramel coloured apron with a lovely yellow sweater underneath, he felt how everything stopped for a moment. It was like all of his anxious and excited thoughts stopped existing, like he was incapable of thinking. All he could hear and feel was his heart, how it now calmed down a bit, how it beated in a steady but strong pace, like it was both excited and calm because it was home again. Home with Thomas's heart.

Thomas said goodbye to a customer, and just as the customer left the counter, his eyes went to Newt who stood staring at him with love in his eyes. Newt smiled, his lips curling into a smile so big that he couldn't smile bigger. He continued his walk over to Thomas, who's smile seemed to widen the closer he got, and when he finally approached the counter, Thomas's smile was as wide as possible, dimples popping and eyes crinkling.

    "Hi," both of them said at the same time, which caused them both to laugh with pink cheeks. Both boys stood close to the counter so they could stand as close to each other as possible. Newt placed both hands on the countertop, playing with his fingers as he stared at Thomas's hands that were only a few inches away. When he glanced at Thomas, the boy had such a sweet smile on his face, as if he were telling Newt that it was okay, so Newt moved his hands until they were touching Thomas's and the two boys intertwined their fingers.

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