Part 5

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I stood frozen, the man coming nearer to me I couldn't move. His large hand traced my cheek, I quickly snapped it away and glared at him " don't touch me you psycho! " I yelled, anger filling me " you think you can just do this after putting me into a dirty, cold cell?! Fuck you! " finishing I took a deep breath and waited for a response
" you done? " he asked blankly, I looked at him shocked. Is this guy serious?

" let's go " he grabbed my arm but I pulled away, " I'm not going anywhere with you " I scoffed " I'm going home " as I turned my back I suddenly felt as I was picked up, he threw me over his shoulder and began walking " let me down! Let me down! " I began pounding on his back but I knew it was no use.

I was going to go back, my plan had failed.....

After a few minutes I knew we had stopped, he set me down and I turned around expecting to see the metal doors covered in vines....but instead, I faced a large mansion....
" where am I? " I turned to him confused, he said nothing and grabbed my arm once again and dragged me inside. It was more beautiful inside, quite old style-like Victorian style but it still seemed lovely

I was pulled up a large set of stairs and down a hall, my eyes scanned the countless of painted figures on the wall, and the beautiful vases of flowers and a large set of wooden doors, they opened and the man pushed me inside, as he locked the door I watched him walk towards a desk and pull out a pair of shorts

" so " I said feeling unsure of what I was supposed to do, or say. " your kept down there, for your own safety and mine " he stated, as he rummaged through his desk, I slightly narrowed my eyes at him " I'm down there because I'm human and you don't want me. Bullshit about safety! " I spat

He looked up at me, about to speak but I cut him off " and you know what? I don't care about this mate thing, I don't care, just let me go home and no ones going to know " I explained crossing my arms gassing my chest, he stared at me for a minute " are you done? With your little explosive tantrum? " I glared at him, I couldn't even think of what to say to this bastard
" anyhow, your going back " I scoffed at him making him look at me stunned " the hell I am, try getting be back there I'll claw your dam eyes out! " I turned around swiftly and headed towards the door, my hand laid on the doorknob about to pull it open until it was slammed shut

He pushed me against the door, a little too close for comfort. His eyes were a blood red and he was breathing heavily " you don't speak to your mate like that! " he growled, I could feel the rumble from his chest against mine
" you will do as I say, go where I say, you belong to me " those last words sent me, how dare this stranger think I belong to him

I rose my knee and kneed him straight where the sun don't shine, I watched him fall towards the floor and I quickly ran out the door, there were two long hallways on each side of me, I took to running down the left one, luckily I could see the stairs and I could also hear running behind me
I quickly opened one of the doors to my left and slammed it shut, my eyes widened as I found myself in someone's room

" uh hi " the boy stared at me stunned, my eyes darted to the window and I ran for it, looking down I could see a tree an inch away....could I do it?
" sorry, w-who are you? " realisation hit me that I wasn't alone and I turned to the boy, he looked to be about my age, dark curly hair with pale skin and dark brown eyes " hi " I smiled
" shut your mouth and don't say anything alright I'm thinking " commotion began outside the room, I could hear yelling and people running

The boy turned to me once again " what did you do " I glared at him slightly and opened the window. They are clearly werewolf's, how the hell would I even outrun them? But do I even have another choice, I can't stay here. I turned back and looked at him, he sat still on his bed staring at me shocked " how big are these woods? " I asked
" oh uhm, I-i don't even know, I guess big maybe? But if you follow the road it should take an hour to town " he explained making me sigh, an hour?! They'll find me by then!

" you need to help me " I said going near him making him back up against the wall " w-what? I don't even know you! " I shushed him angrily " don't yell! I haven't even done anything alright, I just want to go home...pleas " I put on my best puppy face, pouting my lips and staring deep into his eyes, he looked at me for a minute and suddenly he stood up " fine! Fine...but whoever is looking for you finds you, you can't say I helped you " I nodded
" sure "

I jumped from the branch landing on the soft grass beneath me " if they're looking for you, they're probably already in the Forrest, they'd assume you ran in there to lose them " the boy, whose name was Will I learned explained
" sure sure, but what's our plan? " I asked him
" 'your' plan don't involve me in this! " he moaned making me roll my eyes once again

He rummaged through his pockets and pulled out a set of keys " I have a bike in the shed, you can use that to get out " he explained, I narrowed my eyes at him " I don't know how to ride one of those! "
" it's like riding a bike! I'm trying to help you jeez " I haven't rode a normal bike in like ten years how am I supposed to ride one of those death traps?

I stood outside the shed waiting for Will, my eyes scanned my surroundings making sure I didn't see anyone. I was pretty surprised they couldn't smell me, I mean they are werewolf's right? Then again, I haven't showered in weeks...
Will finally emerged with a black motorbike
" I don't really have a helmet so..." he scratched the back of his death " thanks I mean, really helping me out here kid " I smiled
" yeah well, I know your probably one of the locked up mates " I stared at him for a minute unsure of what he'll say next " and just so you know, I don't agree with it "
I nodded and looked at the bike again, I mean if I die...well I hope I don't.


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