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This "chapter" is a list of key terms that are used in this novel. It will be updated as the novel progresses so that way, there aren't any spoilers. If you think any of the Mandarin terms should be corrected, please let me know and why in the comments. I hope you find this helpful!

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Avian: A bird shapeshifter.

Auzineia: A northern country where elemental mages reside.


Bábá: Mandarin form of "father."

Baigujing:  A demoness known for her quest for immortality and divinity. She typically takes on the appearance of a maiden in distress, but her appearance is actually skeletal form with rotting features.


Celestial: A pure-blooded, golden dragon. These are considered high-ranking dragons.

Cellisse: One of four council members of Khaisitha, from the Sparrow Tribe.

Ceosal Kingdom: The underwater kingdom of the Mer.

Cerai: One of four council members of the Khaisitha, from the Crane Tribe. He is rumored to be over 1,000 years old but this remains unconfirmed.

Crane: A type of avian shapeshifter whose true form is a crane. These are considered to be the most knowledgeable, and noble, out of the entire avian shifter population.

Crow: A type of avian shapeshifter whose true form is a crow. These are considered the "bottom feeders" of Khaisitha due to their scavenging background.

Echodia: A country where elves reside. It is considered a safe haven as the elves accept anyone regardless of who they are or who they are meant to become.

Elemental: see Mage.


Fledgling: A young avian.

Fùqīn: A formal way of saying father in Mandarin. (pronounced Foo-chin)


Mage: A being that uses one of the four elements to produce something magical. It is unheard of for a mage to manipulate all four elements as it is frowned upon. They are also referred to as an Elemental.

Meihui: The Goddess of Light and Wuzhen's most sacred goddess. In other cultures, she is known as Solas.

Solas: See Meihui.


Taizi: A formal way of saying Crown Prince in Mandarin.

Water Dragon: A dragon that resides in Xianyang, Wuzhen.

Wyrmling: A young dragon.

Xīngān: A strong term of endearment meaning "my heart and soul."

Y •

Yaoguai: Demons that are exclusive to Wuzhen. They search for Celestial and Divine Beings to feast on with the hopes of gaining immortality and divinity.

꧁༺࿅ིཽ• –– •❈• –– •࿅ིཽ༻꧂

꧁༺࿅ིཽ• –– •❈• –– •࿅ིཽ༻꧂

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