The Vexing Villainy of the Vile Vimpire

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No ones pov

It all took place in the treehouse.

George said, "Two butts!"

Harold said, "No he should have three."

(Y/N) said, "Maybe-"

George cuts her off and said, "Infinity butts."

Harold said, "Or he should be one giant butt made entirely out of dynamite."

(Y/N) said, "A-."

George said, "And he burps fire so he never has to light a match, but also has a blowtorch just in case."

They laughed and Harold said, "Genius."
Chapter 1: Masterpiece

Male narrator: This is George Beard, Harold Hutchins, and (Y/N) Krupp, George is on the left with the tie and the flattop, Harold is the kid on the right with the T-shirt and bad haircut and (Y/N) is the only girl in the middle and who is being ignored, remember that now. This is the night George, Harold and (Y/N), well mostly George and Harold created

Captain underpants and the blisterubg blasts of the booming butt-apocalypse! By George Beard and Harold Hutchins, and (Y/N) Krupp. [But really George and Harold leaving her out]

George said said, "And then Hein-o-mite-- That's his name because he's a heinie and he's dynamite poops a stick of dynamite and throws it at captain underpants, and it explodes and he crashes into, uh.... A tree and it explodes sending him frying into a condor."

(Y/N) said, "I don't think tha-."

Harold said, "That explodes."

George said, "That's cool. We can't explode a bird."

Harold said, "Uh your right uh, a dump truck that explodes!"

George said, "Sending him flying into the luxury pillow top mattress factory!"

Harold said, "That explodes!"

(Y/N) said, "Don't you think that-"

George said, "Man this is gonna be...."

Harold said, "A masterpiece!"

George said, "We've out-awesome ourselves."

They did a new secret handshake. And (Y/N) was so angry she marched out the treehouse asking George's mom to take her home. And they wondered why she was leaving already.

The next day at school they went to school and it was their finest hour.

George said, "Another masterpiece in the can."

Harold said, "Nobody does it better, but I wonder where (Y/N) is she usually is here."

Dressy said, "Ugh bat wings again."

They were flying around, (Y/N) was at a table eating a bat wing so angrily and George and Harold came to sit with her.

Erica one of (Y/N)'s best friend who wasn't actually jealous of her came.

Erica said, "Hey guys and (Y/N) my gal pal."

(Y/N) and Harold said, "Hey Erica."

Harold said, "What's ya think?

George said, "What's your favorite part, the explosions in the beginning or the end or middle."

Erica said, "Well, let's start with the positive, the art gripping, And when Hein-o-mite sacrifices himself for the good of all butt-kind, I cried, But I do have one small suggestion, don't like it."

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