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•||Ch10: Shopping and jealousy||•

||Sania POV||

I looked at him and held my breath. Don't tell them yet. Please don't. I prayed silently. "Mom and dad. I and Sania have to go Dubai," Zain said. I sighed in relief after hearing him but quickly frowned. "Honeymoon. Wow!" Mirha whispered which made me blush.

"Why?" Auntie and uncle asked. "Because I got a deal for which I was trying from past few months and they want me to come Dubai and I also have few meetings there," Zain told them. "And what about Sania?" Auntie asked while I tried to look normal and calm.

"She also have some work there. So I thought why not go together," Zain said and looked at me. "Very smooth. I can't believe my brother is so eager to take his wife on honeymoon," Mirha whispered again in my ear. I glared at Mirha who was smiling like an idiot.

Uncle and auntie nodded their heads and Mirha excused herself and took me with her. She took me in a room which I guessed was her. "Bhabhi. You have to give me every little detail of your honeymoon when you both will come back," Mirha said and winked in my direction.

My cheeks turned red and I looked at her with wide eyes. "Mirha. I will kill you if you utter one more word like this," I warned her but she started singing song. "Ik din akele the hum tum; Tum mujhme, main tum me ghum; Mere kaano mai ahista se; Uss roz kaha tha jo tum ne; Kisi aur se na woh kehnaa; Tum mere ho mere rehnaa, Tum mere ho mere rehnaa; Tum saath mera har dam dena; Tum mere ho mere rehnaa..."

🎶(We were alone once; I was lost in you, you were lost in me; Softly in my ears; That day you said something to me; Don't ever say that to anyone else; You are mine, always be mine; Be with me forever; You are mine, always be mine...)🎶

I facepalm and looked at her who was singing and dancing. The door of her room opened and Zain entered. I looked at him with helpful and pleading eyes. He looked at Mirha and laughed. "Good bye!" He waved at Mirha and pulled me with him, out of her room.

I hugged auntie and bid bye to both of uncle and auntie. Zain pulled me with him to his car and opened the door for me. We both went to our house. Our house? My heart asked which made me realize what I said to myself.


I looked at Mirha who was showing me dresses. I hated shopping and didn't know how girls did shopping. I was getting tired but this Mirha was not. How badly I wanted to kill Zain only I knew this.

Mirha tapped on my nose and said with a smirk, "Get out of my brother's dream and look at this beautiful dress. It will look more beautiful on you." I looked at the dress which Mirha was showing me. It was honestly beautiful but it also looked so expensive.

I opened my mouth but quickly closed it when I heard Zain voice, "Take it to the counter and buy it." Mirha smirked more and winked at me. She went away and left me alone with Zain. I turned around and held my breath when I saw him an inch away from me.

My hands were on his chest and he slowly put his hands on my waist. We both pulled away when we heard woman passed by us and mumbled, "How shameless couple is this? Don't nowadays couples have any shame?" My cheeks turned beetroot red and I rushed away from Zain.

I stood beside Mirha and she turned to me. "You are blushing like my brother kissed you there? OMG! Don't tell me he really kissed you and that was in public?" Mirha asked with mischievous. If I could turn more red then I would look like someone was heating my face.

Mirha picked the bag after paying and we both walked out of the shop. She took me in the café and Zain followed us. "Zain? You are here? Come and join us," We heard a group called Zain. I followed them to the group.

Most of them were looking very proudy and most of them were like they were some type of celebrities. "Long time no see you. How are you Zain?" A girl asked and hugged Zain. It made me anger and I shifted on my place. Zain didn't hug her and he was looking at me but I didn't look in his eyes.

They all greeted Zain and Mirha and in the end they all turned to me. "Who is she?" The same girl asked who hugged Zain and looked at me with weird face like she was going to throw up everything she ate.

"She was not looking like us. How can you roam with a girl like her who have no class Zain?" She asked Zain. Before Zain opened his mouth I said, "Class never matter. All matter is your behavior and attitude. Your inner beauty matter not fake and artificial outside beauty. I think we should think before speak and look at first at ourself."

Zain and Mirha looked at me with a proud smile but i didn't notice and walked out of that café. Zain followed me out of the café and grabbed my hand. He pulled me in a corner where no one could see us. He pressed me against the wall and trapped me between him and wall.

"By any chance were you getting jealous?" He asked with a smile. I glared at him and said, "Smile all you can." He chuckled and kissed on my right cheek which made me shut up. "Don't worry. I am not going to leave you for any girl because no one is more beautiful than you inside and out," He whispered in my ear which made me relax and smile.


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