After All This Time We Still Love Each Other? (Jasper Whitlock FanFic).

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Jasper's P.O.V.

I was doing my patrol of the area where my troops were sleeping for tonight. I am Major Jasper Whitlock. I am 17 but I lied to get into the Army. It worked because I actually looked 21. I was quickly promoted through the ranks. My father said it was charisma. It is only now that I am beginning to think it was something very different. I am a vampire now. I can sense and manipulate someone's emotions. Like, make a lethargic crowd really excited or calm down and angry  mob.

I was 20 when I came across three beautfil women during my patrol. They were stunning. I came of my horse to offer my assistance. I bowed in front of them.

"Can you sense it? He's compelling." One of the women said.

"I know, I think I want to keep this one." Another one said. This one had to be the most beautiful one of the three. "Jess, take Nettie to hunt. I don't want to have to watch my back while I work." Her voice was like music to my ears.

I suddenly felt scared. What did she mean take her to hunt? What work was she doing? I couldn'tmanage to find the courage to ask the questions that filled my head.

"My name is Maria." She introduced herself. She had a slight Italian accent to her voice. "I can get you out of this army and become part of a more powerful one." She said. My eyes lit up at that I liked the idea of being more powerful than my enemies. I hared to lose battles.

She advanced and it seemed like she was going to kiss me. Sh tilted my head to the side so that my neck was exposed. She brushed her lips across the skin and that sent a shiver down my spine. Then I felt something tear into my skin where my pulse was. For three days it felt like I was being burnt from the inside out. I couldn't find anything in me that would put the fire out. Every time one of them would come near me I would beg them to kill me. I couldn't take the burning anymore. I just wanted to die.

My heart took its last beat not long after. I could hear everyhting. The light breeze causing the leaves to ruste in the trees.

I opened my eyes and I could see everything so clearly. It was surreal. I had no idea what I was.

"Jasper?" Someone said. Their voice was beautiful. Like a beautiful melody filling my ears.

I turned to look at who said my name and I found Maria.

To say she was beautiful before was an insult. She was absolutely stunning with my new eyes.

"What happened to me? It felt like I was on fire. You wouldn't end ti!" I shouted. I could feel myself shaking with rage. Maria came closer, but slowly. She put her hands on the side of my face and allowed her love to flow over me. How did she do that? Then I realised that I could feel the anxiety of the other two girls. Can I feel emotions?

"Jasoer, everything is going to be ok. I kept good on my promise. You are part of a very powerful army. Even stronger than the one you were in before." The other two girls snickerd at this. "You are part of a vampire army."She finished.

Oh, a vampire army. Wait, what?!

"Vampires don't exist. They're myths, aren't they?" I asked, suddenly unsure of everything I had learned. 

"They are real. Because me and my sisters are vampires. And so are you now. The fire you felt was you going through the change. There is no way back now. You are one of us for eternity." Maria explained.

Eternity? Did I not have a choice? Can't I go my own way? I don't exactly want to be a vampire. But I am one. WHat had I done to deserve this? I already knew that Maria didn't love me. She mat say that she does but I knew the truth. She was lying. Will I ever find someone who says they love me and mean it? But then, who would fall in love with a soulless, blood sucking monster like me?


There you go :) will he find love?

I am rewriting this as it didnt make sense when I first uploaded it. 

All known characters from The Twilight Saga belong to Stephenie Meyer. I created Sarah.

MrsCarlisleCullen17 <3

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