• Accidental Encounter •

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{Any era, and Michael isn't famous in this imagine :-)}

You've just finished work after a long week and had to go to the store to buy some essentials. You cross paths (almost literally!) with a stranger, but it soon becomes something more.

You sighed as you left the store, clutching your heavy food-filled-bags in your arms as you trudged to your car. You struggled to open the boot of your car but, when you did, you quickly set the bags down and silently thanked yourself for parking close to the store front.

The car park was pretty quiet, which you were also thankful for, and you went to sit in the driver's seat. You leaned your head back against the headrest and closed your eyes, taking a moment to relax. Work had been stressful, tiring and just all around, the worst, so you were looking forward to a night in, knowing that you could sleep as much as you wanted the next day, seeing as it was currently Friday.

You let out a content sigh and went to hook your phone up to the car's speakers, putting on some acoustic versions of your favourite group's music, smiling upon hearing the familiar notes fill the car. You closed your eyes once more and decided to relax a bit longer. After a few songs you were fighting to stay awake, but you were in no real hurry to get home, and your car was safely locked, so there was no danger there.

Given your relaxed state, what happened next scared the living daylights out of you. You felt a pretty forceful bump strike the right hand side of the bonnet of your car and your eyes snapped open. A red car in front of you had been attempting to reverse out of a space and had clearly massively misjudged the amount of space they had in which to do so.

"Damn idiot!" you exclaimed loudly and angrily, beeping your horn, frustrated at the idiocy of some drivers. The car in front revved loudly and shot forward a little, revealing their completely smashed brake light and part of the bumper falling off. You groaned as you could only imagine what the damage was to your own car, soon hearing the screeching of brakes from the car in front. "The time to brake would've been about 30 seconds ago, genius" you muttered to yourself as you began to unbuckle your seat-belt, preparing to give the driver a piece of your mind.

You looked up from unfastening the belt to see the flashing hazard lights of the car in front, as well as the most attractive man you'd ever laid eyes on, who was anxiously examining your car, seemingly forgetting about his own. You were slightly awestruck by this man to say the least, almost forgetting the fact that he just backed straight into your car. You saw him approaching your car and stepped out, carefully closing the door behind you- after all, you were sure your car had seen enough damage for one day.

You quickly eyed the bonnet and indicator lights of your own car before turning your attention to the man. "God, I am so..." the man began, trailing off as his dark and enticing eyes met your own. He seemed a little lost for words as you both maintained eye contact and he licked his lips ever so slightly as his gaze intensified, making you feel a little as though you were melting. You both suddenly came back to reality when the sound of a car horn beeping loudly filled the area and you both turned to see an oncoming car stuck in front of your own vehicles. You sarcastically gestured to the collision, annoyed by the aggressiveness of the driver, who gave you both the finger before doing a sharp u-turn and speeding off elsewhere.

You turned your attention back to the man before you, seeing him already looking at you. You blushed a little, the dim light of the evening thankfully covering the redness of your cheeks, before you sighed a bit and raked your hands through your hair. "I-I really am, so so sorry" the man continued from earlier, the softness of his voice sending shivers down your spine. You looked at him with a softer expression than was appropriate for the circumstances, before turning to examine the damage to your car more closely.

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