Dragon Powers

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Invincible skin and scales to human attacks




Flecking-Ability to charm(to an extent), confuse, or kill(weak willed or knave)

Elemental Powers-Fire, Air, Ice, Earth(breathes there elemental power)

Charm-Influence dragons(to an extent)

Command-Power of weaker dragons(to an extent)

Refuse-Power to refuse stronger dragons Command gift. Also provides protection against Charm(to an extent)

Conceal-Power to hide from other dragons' sensors

Wield-Power to bear strong talisman while it would kill dragons without gift

Dragon spell(also called dragon charm not to be confused with Charm) which are basic magic spells dragons can perform

Speech of birds


I hate what I hunt,

I hunt what I hate,

I kill what I hate,

I hate when I kill,

I kill what I am,

I am what I kill,

But, I,

Can't kill,

Who I

Kill for.


Hey thanks for reading

I posted the powers and then the Prologue because if i didn't i would have to do all this stuff that was a real waste of time

anyway, thanks for reading.

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