"There's a spider on the wall!" Sam exclaimed. Peter's eyes widened. Uh oh.
"And what's that stuff Bucky is using?" Peter asked.
"Spider killing spray or something." Sam said.
"It's spider repellent dummy." Clint said with an eye roll.

Peter's eyes went wide. He knew this was what causing his sudden sickness. But he had no idea if the spray would kill him like it would a spider. Bucky was still spraying the spider repellent everywhere to try and get rid of any other crawlers.

Peter coughed roughly. He was actually bent over coughing and wheezing. Clint and Sam instantly became worried while Bucky was still spraying the repellent everywhere.

"Hey Pete you alright?" Sam asked. Peter fell to his knees.
"Peter!" Clint yelled. Bucky was still spraying repellent. Peter was now feeling extremely nauseous and it felt like his limbs were being burnt off.

"Peter what's wrong!" Sam yelled. Peter spoke between coughs.
"S-Stop... spray..." he managed to say before going into another coughing fit. He could feel every particle of spray like it was acid against his body.

Clint and Sam looked confused until they saw Bucky still frantically spraying spider repellent everywhere. They didn't know why, but it was bothering Peter.

"Bucky! Stop spraying that stuff!" Clint yelled. Bucky stopped instantly.
"Why?" He asked.
"Because it's doing something to Peter!" Sam yelled. Bucky's eyes widened when he saw the poor boy's condition on the ground. He rushed over and they all panicked over the boy.

Suddenly the elevator dinged and an angry and worried Tony Stark burst into the room.
"What did you idiots do to my kid!?" He yelled upon seeing Peter laying on the ground.

"Tony?" Clint said confused.
"Friday alerted me that Peter was in distress so I flew back Iron Man style." Tony said. "Now answer my question. What did you do to my kid!?"

The three looked completely frazzled.
"Well there was a spider on the wall, so Bucky killed it with spider repellent and sprayed it everywhere to get rid of the spiders. Then Pete started coughing and then fell to the floor!" Sam explained.

Tony face palmed.
"I'm not gonna kill you since you didn't know, but you are such knuckleheads." He said as he bent down to take care of Peter.

"Come on Pete, we need to get you out of this room." Tony said. Peter didn't respond.
"Pete? Kid?" Tony said. Peter didn't respond. He looked down at Peter's face and saw that his eyes were closed.

"Oh god. You three stay here you have it on you." Tony ordered. He scooped Peter up into his hands and ran down to the med bay. The three avengers waited for them to return and showered off whatever Tony said they had on them.

When Tony got to the med bay, Peter was taken to a room where doctors would do everything they could to help the spiderling. Peter was still unconscious when Tony left to go explain to the others what was going on.

He went back up to their communal floor and saw them all pacing around and stirring nervously. They all turned towards Tony when he walked in.

"How is he?" Bucky asked. Tony frowned.
"He's still unconscious. The doctors don't know how much of that spray got into his system but they said that repellent isn't enough to kill him." He explained.

"Is he allergic to it or something?" Sam asked. Tony rolled his eyes.
"The kid didn't want you all to know yet. He was planning on telling you soon, when he was ready to join the team." He sighed. They looked even more confused now.

"Join the team?" Clint said confused.
"Peter is Spiderman. He is part spider, and you coated the room in stuff to kill spiders." Tony explained. All their eyes widened.

"Oh my god. Spiderman is a 15 year old kid!?" Bucky yelled. Tony nodded.
"Yes. When I first met him I tried to explain that he wasn't old enough but he refused to quit so instead I've just been doing everything I can to make sure he is as safe as possible."

"Sir, Peter has woken up and requests the presence of you, mr. Barton, mr. Wilson and mr. Barnes." Friday announced. They walked into the elevator and rode down to the med bay.

When the four heroes walked into Peter's room, they were met with a weak looking boy hooked up to an IV and two different monitors. He still had a bright smile on his face.

"Hey!" Peter said happily. Tony sat beside him and held his hand while the other three stood on the other side.
"We are so so sorry Peter..." Clint said sadly. Peter shook his head.
"Don't be. You guys didn't know. It's not your fault." Peter said. He had figured that they knew about him being Spiderman now. But they weren't mad about that so that was good for him.

"We're glad you're okay Pete." Bucky smiled.
"Me too. That was not fun at all." Peter shook his head.
"I can't believe we're the reason you're like this." Sam said as he motioned to all the monitors. Peter shrugged.
"It's not like it's the worst condition I've been in."

The three avengers heads popped up.
"What?" Clint asked. Peter shrugged his shoulders again.
"Well I also managed to have a building fall on top of me, be in a plane that crashed into a beach with a villain inside, proceed to get beaten half to death by said villain, then run into a fire to save them after their wingsuit blew up since they were my ex-girlfriend's dad. And that was all in one night."

Tony laughed at how Peter explained his homecoming night.
"Holy crap kid." Bucky said as he shook his head. Peter laughed and the others smiled at how happy he remained.

When all the other avengers came back, Peter told them about Spiderman and they gladly accepted him onto the team.

Tony also made a new rule that spider repellent of any kind is banned in the tower.

Hi guys yes this is a repost from my other book but I just really loved this chapter and I wanted it to be in this book for you to read if you haven't. Hope you enjoyed!

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