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1st trigger word

"Horrible"1st trigger word

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IT HAS BEEN AN HOUR SINCE JAZEON HAD WROTE HIS THOUGHTS THAT COULD BE A RATHER A little cliche. Even Jazeon admits it, but, it's thoughts, it's the truth. Even from how much it could be cliche. He knew a lot of things, after all, he was a boy of many things.

   People had just not have came across that idea, as they always thought of Jazeon Veller as this miserable young boy, completely oblivious to the fact that Jazeon was a better perosn than they will ever be. Even if Jazeon was a monster, he was a better human.

Because if he hadn't been a better human, then Sirius Black and James Potter would have been long gone, murdered, killed, without regret. But Jazeon wasn't that kind of person, he knew better than anyone does. He was more like this misunderstood person who needed much comfort like the bad guys had.

'Why do the world always sees the bad guys the good guys? Why do the bad guys always get the credits of good? And the good guys blamed for being wrong?' The one question Jazeon had helplessly asked himself. Even him doesn't have a clue why the world works vice versa.

Because if he was questioned. He would say that he'd rather stay in the dark. He always dreamed of maybe, just maybe, that one day, The world would come and realize that the thing they believed is good is just gonna get themselves look bad.

Jazeon knew that pretty surely. His parents were the best to him, they were so nice and loyal, the only time he had felt loved. But their kindness and loyalness got them killed, in what way exactly? Well that was what Jazeon didn't know, what did their death gotta do with their personalities?

Jazeon was caught up for a second of his thoughts. They were getting too deep recently. He received more flashbacks nowadays. Flashbacks about his past that had a mixture of horrible and relaxing, vice versa. Jazeon shook his head, the word horrible was the main word that had him have flashbacks.

He didn't know why, but it seems as he had a list of words that could trigger him. And the first one he had found was the word horrible, what does that word got to do with his triggers? Maybe it was something important. He didn't know anymore.

Spending most of his times on the mirror, looking at his reflection, his deep eyes looked at his reflection miserably. He would just stand there for hours staring at his reflection, and it wasn't normal. He had been receiving migraines from staring at the reflection of his.

And there now, he felt a jolt of pain hit his brain. Migraine. He knew that already, he was used to it. Not entirely, but he had it coming. But it worsened, the more he receives, the more the pain will wornsen. He gripped tightky to the sink as he tried to keep himself standing. Which was successful.

He could feel a little pain from his back, feels like something was ripping from him. And before he knew it, he ends up in a dark room, only seeing was nothing. Completely dark. It was cold, which he liked, and it was pitch dark. Nothing else.

Then a random silhouette came. How he saw it? Becaus ethe silhouette had white outline marks for him to view, the eyes were big. The supposed white part of the eye was light green for that random thing. With white teeth, indeed white but sharp as the Shark's teeth.

"Jazeon." The strange thing said. It's voice was normal, like a novela teller something, but just a little more sillier and comedian. Jazeon looked at the thing weirdly.

"How did you know my name?" Jazeon demanded the thing, he wasn't scared, no, the silhouette was oddly familiar to him. The thing hummed a little song, Me too by meghan trainor. Jazeon furrowed his eyebrows, how the hell did this silhouette know a pop song? He didn't know if things like him should even know it.

"Well Jazeon. I'm Cahlby, I'm the monster that lives in you. Don't worry, I have cookies and tea." Said Cahlby, Jazeon wasn't sure why, but he felt as that he could trust the monster. Jazeon was sure the monster was a boy, the voice and all.

"We're inside my head, aren't we?" Jazeon asked incredulously. Cahlby looked at Jazeon, nodding and raising an eyebrow, fake shock. The monster was obviously a funny ghost.

"How did you know?" Cahlby asked. Jazeon rose an eyebrow at the monster. Imagining of a comfy chair and it appeared, he sat on the chair. Humming a little, one of his mother's favorite songs.

"The vibe gave it away." Jazeon said as Cahlby cursed under his breath about the stupid vibe. Jazeon just merely shrugged at him. He was atonished at this discovery; He always knew that there was always a monster living inside him. He just didn't expect to meet it.

"Well back to the point. Jazeon, I know what the marauders did, because I'm also a part of you." Cahlby started, Jazeon looked at Cahlby suspiciously. "I say, do a little revenge?" Cahlby suggested. Jazeon thought about it but shook his head.

"No, I will do no such thing." Jazeon said, Cahlby let out a sigh as he made a little tea that Jazeon obviously couldn't exactly drink, as it was made by Cahlby. If it was made by him, then it would have worked.

"Why did you bring me here, Cahlby?" Jazeon demanded/asked. Cahlby made a look as Jazeon gave him a pointed look.

"You can come here anytime, Jazeon. In fact, you were the one who brought yourself here." Cahlby answered smoothly as Jazeon furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. He didn't recall chanting in latin or greek.

"No, you don't need to chant. Just imagine what it feels like to be up here." Cahlby said, Jazeon continued to look more confusion. Questions flooded to his mind.

"So you mean that, I brought myself here without even realising?" Jazeon asked, Cahlby thought for a second but nodded anyways.

"Not exactly, but I couldn't have put it in better. Yes, you brought yourself here and the door is opened wide for you to leave." Cahlby said in much humour. More humour than a monster should have. Jazeon sat back.

"Rude." Jazeon said as Cahlby chuckled.

"I enjoy your company and all, but you have a train to catch." Cahlby said as Jazeon nodded standing up.

"Will I ever see you again?" Jazeon asked, he enjoyed talking to someone in a casual comfortable way. Cahlby smiled.

"Of course we would. I'm a part of you, remember that. Now, farewell, Jazeon." Cahlby said waving as Jazeon closed his eyes.

He opened his eyes, only to find himself appear in the bathroom once again. He inhaled and let out a breath. Taking a quick shower.

Unknown to him, thanks to Cahlby, he would sooner or later would find out the questions he had been asking himself.

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