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David POV

School is the absolute worst for me. As I was walking into school, I saw Alex. He was talking to his friends. They are the popular kids. Theres Alex, Zane, Liza, Heath, Toddy, Scotty, Carly, and Erin. ( I know there are more, but for this story we are gonna stick with this ) their the kids who get away with things and who you don't want to mess with. But, Alex! Ughh he's so hot. I'm pretty sure everyone likes him. I have no chance with him considering that I'm the loner of the school. He's probably straight anyways.


Lunch is next period, where I get a chance to sit and relax outside. I don't eat lunch cause... well I just don't. Anyways, the spot I sit as is near the bushes outside the school. It's where I have my free time so I can think about things.

Then I saw something unusual. Alex and his friends sitting near the bushes. It's like they were waiting for me. But they usually sit in the cafeteria?!
"Look it's loner boy!" Said Zane.
"Hey loner boy!" Said Scott. I looked over.
"Where's your friends, you know, the school counselor?" They all died of laughter while I looked for somewhere else to sit.
"Aww, did we hurt loner boy's feelings?" Liza said. I just kept walking away. Number one rule, don't respond.

As I was walking I got a call from my mom.
"Hey,I just wanted to let you know that your father is coming to visit tomorrow, so you won't go to school."
"WHAT! Why do I have to speak to that asshole?!"
"Watch your mouth! If I want you to speak to your father there is no other wise. Now I have to go. I'll see you later."
"Whatever." And I hung up. I hate my dad, my mom too but my dad more. He was always out drinking and my mom couldn't handle it. So she and him divorced. But that killed my moms great spirit. Now she's either at work or hooking up with some guy. Either way, I hate them both.

I decided I didn't want to be at school any more so I headed for the front office. But that doesn't mean I didn't get stopped from Alex and his squad.
"Hey loner boy, are you crying because you don't have a chance with Alex?" Said Zane. That one hit me hard. I was already on the verge of tears, so that just made it worse. I was frozen in place, as I wanted to just sit there and cry. But as they started laughing I ran into the school and straight for the front office.

"Mrs. Jones?"
"I don't feel very good, can I leave please?" I Said, hoping my red face would convince her.
"I will have to call your mother, but until I get back, stay here on the couch."
Two minutes later she came back with a sorry look on her face.
"I'm sorry, but your mom can't come pick you up and we can't let you leave by yourself this early. So just rest until the school day ends." And that's what I did, silently crying myself to sleep for the rest of the day.

I was shaken awake by Mrs. Jones telling me it's time to leave. So I gathered my things and walked home.

As I arrived to the house that smelled like alcohol and shit, I ran up the stairs to my room and locked the door so that nobody could come in without permission. I jumped on my bed and called it a night, crying myself back to sleep forgetting everything that happened today and hoped that tomorrow would be better.



This was a little better

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