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Hi everyone! I don't personally have alopecia but I know others that do and I would like to drop a few suggested remedies to see if they'd actually help.

1. Apply onion juice on your scalp.

2. Massage scalp with rosemary oil.

3. Place green tea on Scalp.

4. Apply almond oil.

5. Apply coconut milk.

6. Try using peppermint oil (be sure to dilute it)

7. Spray a little water on your scalp, apply an oil of your choice to fingertips, then massage your scalp.

Also if you have lost all of your hair be cautious that now dirt can easily get into your hair follicles so you may have to cleanse your scalp more often than you use to just to ensure that your pores aren't getting clogged. Clogged pores can cause less hair growth.

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