06 - Into The Woods

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She ran through the trail in the Coyote Forest with a swiftness that amazed her. The branches tore at her skin; they were still wet with dew. The howling of wolves in the distance only succeeded in heightening her speed, do not look back. The Coyote Forest was right on the outskirts of Rebrook, just East of the popular running trail. One wrong turn and mundanes could easily stumble into the Lycan Settlement, but no one ever did journey this far. In the event that they did, it was cloaked from them anyway; the mundanes couldn't see past the veil of their realm in Rebrook.

Amelia stumbled against the base of a tree that resembled an evil witch's face and came to a screeching stop. The wind hurried to a stop with her. She huffed rapidly, trying to catch her breath. It was impossible that adrenaline made her run so fast, that fast. She heard the snapping of twigs behind her and turned abruptly, to face her demon. Her brows hiked in surprise, it wasn't who she was expecting.

"You shouldn't be here," he said to her while he fumbled with her green towel, her eyes went to it and darted back to his. It must have fallen off her shoulder when she took flight. He held it out to her. "You dropped this," she backed away as he approached. "I mean you no harm."

She scoffed at the creature or whatever he was.

"Really? A moment ago you were a...man-wolf," Amelia stated.

He chuckled and took a step towards her. She backed further away.

"Please, just, I won't say anything of what I saw, just let me go," she bargained.

He turned from her to the rustling in the bushes and she looked about as well.

"What is that?" Amelia asked in a near whisper.

Mason and two other Lycans emerged from the woods and Aaron tipped in a low bow to his alpha. Aaron stepped to the back and Mason's gut wrenching gaze fell upon her. Suddenly she felt the dryness in her throat and the soreness in her feet.

"You are trespassing, female," Mason said to her. His eyes betrayed no emotions. He took the towel from Aaron and tossed it to her. She caught it. "Leave."

"Gladly," Amelia threw and darted into the woods.

Mason marveled at the swiftness of her retreat. "She's not...mundane." Aaron nodded to him. He gawked after her in wonder. Her scent was that of mundane, how was that possible? "Lead the others back. I'll handle this." Aaron nodded to him and waved the other Lycans after him.


She bumped hard against Mason and fell on her bottom

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She bumped hard against Mason and fell on her bottom. She let out a pained curse. Whoever they were, she evidently wasn't as fast, even with her new found speed. He just stood there watching her, hands crossed behind his back with the stance of an unyielding tree. She pulled herself up and wiped the dirt from her black snug running pants.

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