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“Clara!” Mollie screamed. She ran over and hugged me.

“Hey Mollie.” I tried to smile. I had had the whole plane to overanalyze the fight.

“How was your plane ride?”

“Eh. The kid next to me threw up three times.”

“Ew. Not on you, I hope.”

“Thank God, no.”

“I have a surprise for you!”

“Tell me!”

“No, silly! That’s why it’s called a surprise! It will be here later.”


“Let’s go. We’re just standing in the middle of the airport here.”


The doorbell rang as I was laying on Mollie’s couch, devouring a bag of Cheetos.

“Your surprise is here!” Mollie cried, running to the door. She opened it, and two girls stepped inside.

“Oh my gosh, Mollie!” The tall one hugged her. “Hi!”

“Hihihi!” Mollie hugged the shorter one. “Clara, this is Faith and Nina. You met Nina at the hospital, right?”

“Right. Hi!”

They both came over and hugged me, then sat down.

“We got ice cream!” Faith, the taller one, said, pointing to a plastic bag.

I reached in and grabbed it. “Spoon?” I asked Mollie.

“Who needs a spoon? Just shove your face in it,” Nina said, picking up another carton. She opened it and, true to her word, shoved her face in it.

“I’ll get some spoons.” Mollie glanced at Nina, who had chocolate ice cream dripping down her face. “And some napkins.”

“Good idea,” Faith said.

Mollie returned and handed each of us a spoon. Nina dropped hers on the floor and continued to eat the ice cream with her entire face.

“So we could watch Glee-” Mollie started to say.

“Or we could not,” Nina said.

“Did you ask anyone else to come?” Faith asked.

“Sara and Taylor are both on crazy tight schedules and couldn’t make it down. But you’re going to a play with Sara and Jake, right, Clare?”

“Maybe. I don’t know.”

“Jake’s going to a play?” Faith asked.

Mollie nodded. “It sounds like almost as bad an idea as taking Nina to one.”

Nina looked up, her mouth full of ice cream. There was a blob on her forehead. “Huh?”

“You really enjoyed “Little Women”, didn’t you, Nina?”

“What’s “Little Women”?”

“That play we went to in 8th grade.”

“I don’t really remember it.”

“That’s because you were texting the whole time.”

“Probably.” She went back to her ice cream.

“How are you feeling, Clare?” Faith asked, poking my nose.

I swallowed my bite of ice cream before answering. “A little better. Still really angry.” I filled Nina and Faith in on the fight. It brought a new wave of frustration and anger.

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