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Daryl's pov

Mark her,she just told me to Mark her, OMG am happy,finally she's mine for the taking.

"you are sure about this" I asked her

"will you pls shut your mouth hole, of course she's damn sure that's what sure people look like" Ian yelled

Seriously sometimes I think he's my dad

I moved closer to Holland and looked at Dennis

"alright I know you want me to leave" Dennis said and walked out

"it's gonna hurt" I said

"oh please will someone tape his mouth,u are scaring her" Ian yelled

"it's okay just do it, I want this" she replied.

Holland's pov

Daryl moved closer and placed his hand at the back of my head, pulling me softly

He used his nose to trace a soft spot on my neck and I shivered.

His canine grew out and he sinked them into my neck.

I whimpered and after 3 seconds I couldn't feel the pain anymore but only bite mark on my neck.

Daryl smiled and hugged me

Dennis came in,  "and yeah, I'm Dennis I don't mean to be rude but who are you" Daryl asked

'I am an harbinger of death like Holland but I lost my power when leviathan attacked me in the vision" she explained

"that's y u were bleeding that much"  I said

"but wait I thought u can't be affected in a vision" I continued

"u can't sweetie but if u tamper with things in a vision u might change reality, and when it comes to vision, u control itself cause there are places u can't go"  she warned

"but how will she do that" Daryl asked And she smiled

"I will teach her" Dennis said and was about walking out

"wait, why did leviathan hurt you and what did u tamper with" I stopped her

"that's a chapter for another day, and boy tell her" she replied and ran out.

"tell me what" I arched a brow

"someone took your mom and my scent doesn't deceive me, it's leviathan who took her. " he said and held my hand

He took her,  I can't believe this no no no,  I gotta find her.

I got up to run out but Daryl dragged me back

"look you are hurt okay and just recovering, I can't afford watching u jumping into another problem, we solve this together." he said and I nodded.


I was walking home from school and someone hit me really hard with their shoulder causing me to fall

"hey!! Watch it crazy" I yelled and got up

"shut up devils child" the man yelled back while puffing out a smoke of cigarette.

People insult me cause I was born with red eyes,  but momma says people don't understand what they don't see everyday, she said am unique and I love that.

I got angry and glared at the man

"oh am so scared,  what are u gonna do call beezlebulb your grandpa" he laughed heartily

I was furious and glared at him,  my red eye shone bright and caused the man's cigarette to shove into his eye putting a hole in it.

I stopped getting furious and my eye calmed down.

What's wrong with me,  I gotta tell Holland.

Trish's pov

I saw the red eyed girl running and thank Mary I just found my self a new weapon.

Hey guys sorry for late updates
I had exams. I hope u enjoy this chapter.  I love you 💕💕💕💕💟💟💖💖💖

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