Chapter 11: Clarity

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(Y/N): "Oh this is delicious, P. Thank you. But could you stop staring at me?"

Pearl: "I can't help it..."

((Y/N)'s P.O.V.)

Who is this Lena...? Do I know her...? I have to find out.

Looks like I have to go to the place where it all started.

(Y/N): "Hey Pearl? Can I ask you something?"

Pearl: "Sure. Anything."

(Y/N): "Well I had this dream last night and it really felt like it was real. There was a girl named Lena in it and I have to find out who she is. My head hurts just thinking about her."

Pearl: "Ohh. I see. Sure... Let me just tell the others."

Pearl went down from the cherry blossom tree, which was her favourite. I can see why to be honest.

After seeing her warp off I began to stand up.

I just need some quiet for my head...

(Pearl's P.O.V.)

Pearl: "...So please say no if he asks you to come with us. Got it?"

Everyone nodded but Steven.

Steven: "But why can't we come with you?"

Pearl: "Because I have a surprise for him. Don't tell him and Steven... don't freak out when he is here."

Steven: "Nnnghh--" He was shaking of excitement.

Suddenly the warp pad began to light up. It was him.

(Y/N): "Hey guy--- What's up with Steven?"

Amethyst: "He uhhh. Ate too much sugar. You know... overdose..."

(Y/N): "Oh okay. That's fine then." "And before I forget to ask: Somebody wanna come with us?"

Garnet: "I have to go." She walked to her room.

Amethyst: "I'll just be over here." She ran out.

Only a shaking Steven was left.

(Y/N): "I'll take that as a no." "Did you pack your things? Wait. Nevermind..."

(Y/N) went into the bath and packed in some health products and after that he went to the kitchen and brought some snacks.

Pearl: "Are we ready to go?"

(Y/N): "Wait..."

He gets nearer and kisses me.

(Y/N): "Now."

He walked outside leaving me with a blue tint on my face.

After that we got in his car. I didn't even know he had one but I decided not to question it.

After minutes of silence I spoke up.

Pearl: "So...Got any plans for finding information on this "Lena"?

(Y/N): "I'll tell you when we get there okay?"

He turned up the radio, filling up the silence of the car. It seems that this "Lena" really meant something to him.

After 2 hours of driving we reached a giant house somewhere in the woods. It seems to be empty. What are we even doing here? He's not trying to break in, is he?

We walked up to the door and (Y/N) got nearer to a small panel that was next to the door. It seems to be a scanner of some kind. My suspicions confirmed themselves when the door made a clicking sound, opening it.

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