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"Great party last night, Tony." Clint walked past Tony in the cafeteria and patted his back. Tony put on a smile and nodded. He looked back at his food. He didn't feel like eating. Tony often got like this after a party. Everyone complimenting him constantly. None of them were his real friends. No one really cared. No one but Bruce. He seemed to be the only person who stuck by Tony.

"You had another party?" Bruce asks. He never wants to hear about the parties while they happen. "Who did you sleep with this time?" 

"Pepper Potts."

"Again? I thought you hated her."

"I hate sleeping with any woman. You know I am not that kind of person." Tony sighed. He put his hand in his head.

"Then you know what do," Bruce smiled. "You could always stop holding parties. Or if you do hold them, don't get so blindly drunk that you hook up with a random girl."

Tony let out the biggest sigh properly. He put his head on the table and Bruce moved closer to him. He wrapped his arms around him. 

"Look. I know you aren't into women like that when you are sober. I also know that Mr right will come around eventually." Bruce rubbed his back. 

"I some how doubt that Brucie" Tony said. To any outsider, Bruce and Tony seemed like they were a couple- but everyone in this school knew that Bruce had someone secret and Tony was single. Just- no one knew that Tony was strictly dick when sober.

The rich male stood up and left his lunch on the table.

"I have to go to class."He said and left quickly. Class didn't start for another half an hour but Tony really wanted to be alone right now, and heading to his Maths class was how he was going to do it. Only the chess club came into the Maths rooms during lunch, and today it was cancelled due to their captain being home sick... 

What no one would tell anyone was the captain of the chess team was home with a hang over after being at Tony's party last night and having his first alcoholic drink. They were underaged, but so was everyone else there. Tony barely even remembed what happened. All he knew was he made out with Pepper Potts and woke up naked in bed with her the next morning. The thought of what might of occured made him sick and it probably made Pepper sick too. The two of them didn't really see eye-to-eye. But hey,  what happens at Tony's parties, stay at Tony's parties.

Tony walked into the Maths classroom, fully expecting to be alone- but he wasn't. A blonde male, who he did not recognise (and Tony knew everyone in this school by name), was sat with headphones on and his eyes closed in the seat which was next to Tony's. The male had a blue, red and white hoodie on (the photo). He seemed oblivious to the fact that Tony had just walked into the room.

Stark waved his hand in front of the male- nothing. 

'He must be asleep' Tony thought to himself and took his seat, pulling out his books ready for the class which was due to start in 20 minutes.

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