Chapter 83: Rose Cruce against Gustav Jaeger

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"Aaah!" Edmund, chained to a stone wall, yelled in pain as his powers were being sucked out from his body by the hands of his own father, Gustav.

"Ugh, shut up and stay still!" Gustav had gotten annoyed because the power-stealing was taking so long. He clutched his fist more and Edmund shrilled in agonizing pain as the Purple Zen of the man took his Bearer energy little by little.

"I... shall never give up!" Edmund sneered at the vile man, "You... monster! You took away my mother!"

"Don't worry, you'll see her soon enough... as you pass away!" Gustav laughed with triumph.

"The one to pass away shall be you, Gustav!" they both suddenly heard the cry of Kokuyo and Nick. Gustav gasped and then sneered, looking back, just to see the Blade Warrior and the Moon Celestial Lord had invaded the hidden room and were ready to challenge him. Edmund instead rejoiced to see his friends and hopes rekindled in his heart - so they were alright! Thank goodness!

"Ugh, you pests, I'll take care of you myself!" Gustav yelled: "Scorpio Style, Sneaker Art, Ninja Mode; Snake Spirit, Ring Twelve - Poisonous Water Snake!" his enormous Purple Snake spirit, which wouldn't be called less gruesome than Jormungandur itself, emerged and embraced him, placing him in its core.

Kokuyo puckered and yelled his own incantation:

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Kokuyo puckered and yelled his own incantation:

"Capricorn Style, Sworder Art, Emperor Mode; Snake Spirit, Ring Twelve - Black Desert Cobra!" a giant Black Desert Cobra spirit engulfed him immediately, hissing violently at the Water Snake.

"Cancer Style, Keeper Art, Sage Mode - Battler Mimics; Ox Spirit, Ring Twelve - Blue Shell Demon Ox!" Nick cried out and his giant Shell Ox emerged too. The three colossal spirits dashed at each other and a bloody battle began. "Rainstorm!" Nick yelled and a vicious storm gathered in the room only above Gustav and his Snake spirit.

"Sand Blades!" Kokuyo directed multiple sand blades towards his opponent.

"Poison Shower!" Gustav shot poisonous droplets around.

The Water and the Earth elements were being thrown around - rain, poison, sand, boulders, waves, and so on. The battle was severe - Nick's Ox spirit tried to stomp on Gustav's Purple Snake and squash it, or at least stab its shell-covered horns into its long elastic flesh, while Kokuyo's Desert Cobra moved as swiftly and elastically as the Purple Snake itself, and tried to bite it and lacerate it, using its own Earth element burn-type poison - the black tar.

"Ugh, you're getting annoying!" Gustav bellowed from inside his Snake spirit's core and opened his Black Orbs, directing them towards Nick and Kokuyo.

"Ah!" Kokuyo shrilled as his power got depleted, and his Snake spirit vanished. He fell to the floor weakened.

"Kokuyo!" Nick got worried about his friend, but then he felt how his own energy was getting depleted, so he puckered and shouted his final incantation, the greatest power he held up his sleeve: "Cancer Style, Keeper Art, Sage Mode, Blue Zen, Final Craft - Blast of the Moon!" a large blue ray emerged from his Ox spirit and hit Gustav. However, there he heard Gustav's own incantation:

"Blast of Silver Mars!"

The two powerful water element celestial blasts collided and formed a huge explosion.

"Ah!" Nick, whose energy had already drained earlier from the Black Orbs' gaze and now from using up his final craft, cried out in pain and fell off from the impact of the explosion, his Ox spirit vanishing. He too fell on the ground. Gustav grinned and wanted to turn back and continue stealing powers from Edmund when suddenly a massive water power hit him from the behind:

"Pisces Style, Battler Art, Empress Mode - Tsunami!"

Gustav got swiped away by the giant wave. A gruesome Water Snake grabbed him by her fangs and threw him to the ground, making his Purple Snake vanish.

"Ah!" Gustav shrilled and fell off, severely wounded and bleeding.

When Edmund, downed Nick, and Kokuyo looked at the demolished wall, they noticed Nina who had joined them in battle.

"Mom!" Nick brightened.

Edmund instead got stupefied - Neptune Celestial Lady was Nick's mom?!

"How are you, boys?" Nina grinned proudly, "I left Tim to fight against the New World Order members and hurried here," she frowned at sneering Gustav who had stood up and revived his Purple Snake, "Rest a bit. I shall take care of this serpent..."

"Neptune Celestial Lady..." Gustav chuckled, "Let's see whose serpent is stronger... I know for sure - when your husband's not around, you're all but talk!"

"Bring it on!" Nina shouted and then yelled her most powerful incantation: "Pisces Style, Battler Art, Empress Mode, Final Craft - Blast of Neptune!" a large blue-to-green ray went straight towards Gustav.

Nick got worked up:

"No, mom, don't! He hasn't wasted his Pluto blast yet!"

But it was late...

"Scorpio Style, Sneaker Art, Ninja Mode, Final Craft - Blast of Pluto!" an enormous black ray emerged from Gustav's Snake spirit and collided with Nina's Neptune blast, causing another huge explosion, and then, as Gustav opened up his Black Orbs again, Nina's energy too, got depleted.

"Ah!" Nina yelled and fell, her Snake spirit vanishing.

"Mom!" Nick got terrified - no!

Nina fell to the ground, wounded by the impact of the explosion. Gustav walked up to her, grinning:

"I always detested you, Neptune Celestial Lady. You often messed in my affairs... Now it is time to finish you off!" his Snake spirit opened its mouth to shoot poison.

"Mom!!!" Nick yelled in distress.

Nina sneered and wanted to stand up, but couldn't. The poison was shot... However, suddenly, a light ray invaded the hidden room, demolishing another wall, and landed right in between Gustav's Snake spirit and downed Nina, revealing a gigantic Red Fire Dragon who evaded the poison hit with its fiery wing and gruesomely growled at stupefied and frightened Gustav who stepped back. The Dragon's core shone bright and revealed Byakuya and Tamie inside, full of energy and ready to battle!

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