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Clinching the piece of paper that held my destiny, I looked around for room A12. First class was English. At least I'm starting with a subject I liked. I noticed others were glancing my way and whispering. The word "New girl", thrown in a few times and it's starting to get on my nerves. Could they smell fear? I sure hope not. Where the hell is A12?

A couple of guys whistled as I passed by the lockers making more heads turn my way. My heart started to pound in my ears and my palms started to sweat. Making a sharp right turn in a desperate attempt to get away from all the whispers and glances and BAM!! I violently slumped into someone and lost my balance. Applying the 'Every action has a reaction' rule. "Ouch!" White pain shot up my leg to my butt. My face hurt too and so did my wounded pride, but most pain settled in my butt. I was on the floor with my belongings splayed around me. So much for getting over with the first day.

"Watch where you're going!" a strong voice barked from above me.

Wait! What! No apology? I looked up to see the face of this rude person who didn't even offer a helping hand. I couldn't make much out of his features, other than the dark hair and the strong jawline because of the dark glasses he was wearing. Listen to reason and try not to pick a fight on your first day, I advised myself. Collecting my stuff and standing up. Be cool.

I was too busy trying to ditch all the glances and whispers that I didn't see him. Speaking about whispers, is it just me or the hall became awfully quiet. My heart hitched for a second. Nah! It's probably from the all the blood rushing to my face and clogging my ears. Nothing to worry about. Telling myself desperately. I didn't dare to look anywhere else other than the guy in front of me. One problem at the time.


Why the hell do people not look where the hell they are going?

I was on my last string. And this silence that downed the usual loud hum of the hall was pulling on that string. "Mind your own business!" I said loudly to no one in particular. It was enough to get the hum starting around me.

"I'm sorry," the soft voice brought my attention back to this dump situation. "You were right; I wasn't looking where I was going... I'm new here." She sounded nervous.

I caught a smell of her perfume. Something between floral and some sort of fruit while waiting for the big finally. And there it was. The recognition falling in place.

"Are you... Oh...Err...Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" She stumbled over her words. 

In the spirit of sparing this naive, 'new girl' all the drama that will follow her apology, I interrupted, initiating to answer the question that will be asked, "Yes! I am blind! Thank you for noticing!" I took a deep breath trying my best not to snap, "Now that I've confirmed that, you better get going." I heard that recognition a lot. More times than I could remember and don't have any patience for that anymore. I don't want to be bothered. I JUST WANT for everyone to leave me the hell alone. Apparently, my words had their effect judging by the silence that followed.

"Well, thank you for sharing," she broke the silence, "Good to know." There was no hint of apology or hesitation in her voice. "Actually I was apologizing for ruining your shirt."

My shirt?

I kept my features expressionless as I always do.

"I accidentally stained your shirt with my lipstick. I'm not really sure if the stain will come out or not."

She completely ignored my attempt to embarrass her and I felt as if someone just dumped a bucket of ice cold water over my head.

I heard her shuffle, "I really have to go," she was talking fast now, "If you want me to pay for the dry cleaning bill. Or... or... um... buy you another shirt I really don't mind." I was shaking my head refusing the offers. The bell blared over our heads forcing her to stop talking. "Anyway, sorry about your shirt and for bumping into you. Catch you later."

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