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Namjoon's POV

I stretched out my hand in front of me. The snow immediately melted once it made contact with my palm.

That was my effect on people. Once they encounter me, they just disappear without a trace. I was that disgusting and meaningless.

Even without doing anything to make them go away.

Pursing my lips, I kept the tears in the back of my eyes. My hands slowly went inside my coat pocket to warm them, now walking my way back to my apartment.

It was a short walk, just two blocks from where I am right now but seeing a person sprawled on the snow-covered ground made me stop in my tracks.

Was my mind playing tricks on me or was there really someone there?

"Shit, I better put myself out of this." I muttered to myself and held myself back from seeing what was there.

My feet seemed to frozen in their place, prohibiting me to leave. My mind wanted wanted me to stay out of the scene to avoid being blamed for a victim again.

"Fuck this." I cursed to myself and ran towards the person to help who was already mostly covered in snow.

On the spot, I dag out the snow from the person's body, scared that he or she might dead because of the cold.

"Please be alive...please be alive..." I whispered, continuing to remove the rest of the substance and was successful to see a girl's pale face, about sixteen.

I placed my hand on her forehead which was already freezing cold and there was mist coming right out of her mouth, indicating that she was still breathing.

I guess I had no choice but to bring her back with me to my apartment.

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