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☆Invincible Era☆

Nadia sighed as she studied her reflection in the mirror. She observed her outfit, eyeing the way her loose sweater fell over her tight fitting jeans. At present moment, she was waiting for her boyfriend, Michael, to return from the studio.

She missed Michael a great deal, even if he was only gone for a day. The young lady cleared her throat before turning around and walking out of the room, being sure to shut the door behind her.

A small smile formed on her face as she descended the staircase, bumping into one of the maids - Gina.

"Hi, Nadia," Gina greeted her politely.

"Hi," Nadia responded. "Has Michael returned yet?"

"No," Gina shrugged slightly. "But I'm sure that he'll be home soon,"

At that moment, the front doors opened - revealing Michael. Nadia smiled when she saw her boyfriend, however, only to frown when she realized that there was another female with him.

In fact, Nadia recognized the female to be Lisa Marie Presley. She pursed her lips, looking as if she had tasted something extremely sour.

"Hi," Michael walked in and kissed Nadia softly. She broke into a small smile as he caressed her waist. Lisa followed behind, holding her hand out for Nadia to shake once Michael had pulled away.

"I'm Lisa,"

Nadia couldn't help herself, it was obvious that she hadn't taken a liking to Lisa.

"I'm Nadia," she responded, taking Lisa's hand and shaking it hesitantly.

"I bumped into Lisa at the studio, and I invited her over so that we could all catch up," Michael smiled at Nadia.

However, the young beauty was less than pleased. She gave Michael a look before walking off into the kitchen. Of course, Michael followed - a frown on his face.

"Is everything okay?" he whispered as he shut the kitchen door, concealing them from Lisa.

"No!" Nadia struggled to keep her voice down.

"Nadia, what's wrong?" he breathed.

"Her," she scoffed. "I don't like her, and you know that,"

"Listen, I'm sorry - but she isn't as bad as you think she is. She's never done anything to you," Michael raised an eyebrow. A moment passed before he broke into a quiet chuckle. "Wait...wait....are you...jealous of her?" 

Nadia rolled her eyes, folding her arms. Michael had struck a nerve - a right one at that.

"Baby," Michael laughed softly, pulling his girlfriend close. "There's nothing for you to be worried about. In my opinion, you're way prettier, and way more appealing," he winked. "And nothing can change the way that I feel for you,"

Michael's words were sweet, and in no time, Nadia was smiling like a little girl.

"Promise?" she stared up into his eyes.


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