Epilogue (09/13/18)

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"I didn't attend school yesterday." he answered.

"Oh, so that explains it."

The loud girl with the brightest smile he had ever seen- as he described her that time, suddenly stood up, he followed her through his eyes with a questioning look.

"Let's go! We'll find your classroom!"

He then saw her hand in front of him still with the same smile he saw in her.

He hesitantly held her hand which made her smile more, if that was even possible, and pulled him to stand up.

He was pushed by her on the ground but she was the one who pulled her to stood up again while she gave him that smile he already learned to adore despite the short time he got with her.

Jungkook shyly looked at their hands still holding each other and looked at her eyes.

"I'm Jungkook."

Lisa smiled.

"Nice to meet you Jungkook, I'm Lisa."

There he saw the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.

And for the first time since that rainy night in Busan, he put on a real smile on his face.


"All those scenes he made in his presscon but he still didn't get the girl back, what a loser."

Those were the words Jungkook heard the moment he stepped foot in his Jin hyung's condo where they usually gathered to hung out.

Gone was the old dorm they were using before, some of them already had their separated condos but that didn't stop them from seeing each other and hanging out as often as they can.

Lisa and Jungkook spent five days in Australia— which reminded them the five days they spent in Seoul, going places to places and catching up on each other's lives. They both know that they only have limited time, so when it was time to say goodbye, Jungkook tried to asked for a week to be with her but his management didn't let him because he already have his whole week booked with schedules. Throughout those five days Jungkook made sure to stay with her and asked everything about her. Before he went back to Seoul, Lisa and him exchanged contact numbers with a promise that he will go see her in her graduation.

Jungkook removed one of his shoe and threw it to Jin which the latter dodged.

"Shut up hyung, at least I got her number and also she needs to graduate first, I'm just gonna wait for three months then I'll be with her again, that's just nothing compared to almost four years."

Jin looked Jungkook's with disbelief and averted his eyes on Yoongi who currently had his eyes on his phone, bluntly ignoring them.

"Did he just ask me to shut up?" Jin asked everyone who was in the room.

Yoongi rolled his eyes, "We always ask you to shut up, what's new."

Jimin ignored Jin's gaze and silently laughed, Namjoon coughed awkwardly stopping himself from laughing while Hoseok didn't care and just laughed his ass off.

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