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The Great Prince of the woodland elves (See Pact of Peace). He resides in The Boughs. He is first cousin to Queen Aara.

The queen of the elves and commander of the Great Imperial Army. The queen is the direct descendant of the first kings and queens of the elves.

The greatest of the elvish cities. This is where Queen Aara presides in the great Silver Palace. 

The large, round coastal peninsula that is home to the elvish seafolk. Though allied with Aeilronic and Aara, they consider their lands a sovereign state.  

Appointed by the peers (dukes and councils) of the three duchies, the August Duke headed up the Darian Council.  He was politically the most powerful human in The Land. The August Duke was the closest to a king that the humans had had for generations. The political system worked well, so none of the Dukes had as of yet claimed the entire kingdom. It is sometimes said by Waypriests that old prophecies speak of an offworlder who will come from another land to unite all the human lands as their new king.

The main trading route connecting the north to the southland.  Humans, dwarves and elves use the river extensively to move their goods by barges.  The river is wide, deep and rather slow moving (except in the mountains near the Kenniston mines), which makes barge traffic very feasible.  Since the Goblin War began, the goblins have been pirating barges for supplies.  Far fewer traders now use the river and this has nearly crippled the economies of several cities.

The grassy plain separating the Durn Forest from Teardrop Lake.

A wizard of great power, he conjured many of the Demon Majicals, as well as the Goblin Tormentors, in a misguided attempt to stop the goblins during their first Great War.

A land in the extreme southern portion of the Dead Forest. It is home to Aeilronic and his army, the Treeguard. They keep an eye on the happenings in the north central part of the West Wilders, but mainly keep to themselves. Their portion of the forest is quite lush and beautiful, being continuously tended and protected with wards.  

A ramshackle tavern in the cutthroat town of Durbin Springs.  Lots of information can be gathered there, because it is the place that most of the infamous in the city gather to brag about their exploits.  Fighting, stealing and killing are the specials of the day, naturally.

A small human town, settled by the great grandmother of Josh Buckland. - Dora Buckland (see Dora Buckland).

Dora was a great peasant turned stateswoman, the only non-ducal person to be appointed August Duke, and the first woman to hold the position.

A noble born citizen living outside the walled-city of Mahhrain, he now leads a small rag-tag revolt upon Captain Karn and his Goblin division.

The largest, highest mountain range in all The Land.

A small dwarf fortress occupied by the missionary warrior Waypriests who spread the more supernatural teachings of The Way. This is the only other stronghold outside of Illum that Waypriests constantly occupy.

The language that is universal to nearly all nations, except for the centaurs, who resist it because they see it as a threat to their culture. “To speak to a centaur is to speak centaur” is a common phrase throughout the lands.

The great capital of the dwarves.  It is said to be impenetrable, being built right into the rock face of a huge, granite cliff.  Three rivers meet near the city gates, which join together to form the great Astabor River. 

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