Epilogue: Future Business

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Zack woke early one day, nearly three months after his arrival in Mahhrain. The city was still far from its former glory, but it was once again well on its way to becoming a bustling center of commerce .

Zack dressed quickly. He had classes with Cookie and Bethane, his tutor, this morning, and he had fencing with Djar later in the afternoon; it was certainly a busy day and it would be a busier week. There was to be a sort of homecoming. Aeilronic, Thag, Omag, Halk and Justin were all due this week and Josh and Trever were already here. There was to be a huge feast in Zack’s – and just about everyone’s – honor to commemorate the banishing of the goblins. Even though there was still a lot to do and a lot of unanswered questions, Zack finally felt … at home.

Of course, he didn’t know that the main reason for their visit was to discuss the liberation of Duke Kellwood, Dermatt and the other prisoners of the goblins. Several ambassadors had been sent to discuss their release, but most never made it back and those that did gave grave reports of what the goblins had told them. There would be no bartering for the release of the brave men and women, and Garthan-Gol-Dul and his four remaining Tormentors said that the goblins would bow to no other nation not now or ever.  

Something had to be done.

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