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Welcome to Lakewood high, Where kids learn to grow into their adult selves

David POV

I still don't understand why that is the motto. I mean come on, a person like me will never learn life from here. I'm the introvert who's gay and has a crush on Alex, the biggest jock of the century. Cliche? Yeah I know.


Welp, time to have a miserable week.

I got out of my bed to put on my usual clothes, black shirt and black pants. As I was getting on my shoes, my mom came into the room.
"Hey, work called. I'll be home late today"
"Got it" I said. I hated when she worked late. Since I'm an only child, other things come before me. That's how I became me.


As I was walking down the stairs, I saw my mom walking out the door.
"Where are you going?" I said.
"Somewhere that does not concern you"she replied. Well, this is my life

Words: 168

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