oh you're jealous?

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I stumble into my apartment and grab onto the wall and take off my shoes and wave at the guy that took me home "thank you for tonightttt" I slurred he smiled back "be careful and call me whenever-" his eyes widened and he backed up and I scrunched my eyebrows and looked back and saw dean I roll my eyes but he's already gone "why did you have to come down at this time" I pouted and sat on the couch.
"Are you drunk?" I turn on the tv and grab a blanket "yeah..and what of it?" I said joking with him making him smile "I don't like you drinking with guys.." I turn and look at him and smile "don't worry I'm strong" I lift my arm and show my bicep and laugh "..you're so naive" I roll my eyes and throw a pillow at him "no i'm not" he sat beside me on the couch and we started watching friends.

I woke up with a really bad headache I grab my head and lay back down "this is why you shouldn't drink"
I look up and see dean looking at me trying to hold in a laugh "you have no room to talk.. you basically drink every day" I laugh and sit back up "well I guess you don't want these painkillers then-" i stand up and grab the pills out of one hand and water out of the other hand "I never said that" I laugh.
"what are you doing today?" I walk to the kitchen and grab an apple "Nothing really-" my phone starts ringing and it's my friend from high school my eyes widen "I'll be back I have to take this.."
"y/n I'm in town..can we meet?"
"Sure.. when?"
"How about in 20 minutes..is that too soon it's just that I haven't seen you in a long time-"
"No..no it's okay, where are we going to meet?"
"I'll text you the details"
"See you in 20" I hung up and went up stairs to get dressed I threw on something like this

no it's okay, where are we going to meet?""I'll text you the details""See you in 20" I hung up and went up stairs to get dressed I threw on something like this

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You said bye to dean and drove to go meet your friend, the place wasn't that far away so it only took 6 minutes to get there.. you could've walked but you're lazy.
You walked in and he was sitting at a table you waved at him and he smiled back at you
"How have you been?" He asked
"Good, me and dean have been living together for awhile,, he's a cockblock tho.." he laughed
"Girl we have so much to catch up on!" You giggled "god I've missed you" you guys stayed at the restaurant for what seemed like forever until his boyfriend called and he had to leave, you waved goodbye "don't forget to text me!" He rolled his eyes "I do you just never respond" you laughed and went to pay & leave.

You got home and dean was on the couch and sat up as soon as you walked in "what's he gonna say now?" You thought to yourself
as you walked up to your room to change your clothes.
"Let's talk" He said
"Okay? What do you wanna talk about?"
"Who were you with?" You rolled your eyes
"I'm going to bed,, goodnight, loser!" You walked upstairs before you could open your door he grabbed your arm and pulled you into his room.
"What-" you rolled your eyes at him
"I said LETS talk not CAN we!" He yelled  "what's your problem?? I wasn't even out that long, what did you wanna talk about since it's so important!" You yelled back at him
  "Goddamn-" he went and sat down and ran his fingers through his hair,,
I knew he was mad but why is he THIS mad?
"I'm tired of you hanging out with all these guys,, damn I don't even know why it just bothers the living- ..it just bothers me" he sighed
"I.. I wasn't even going to invite that guy in lastnight and my friend I was out with earlier isn't into girls" you tried to hold in your laugh
He looked embarrassed, and you started to laugh at his red face
"Okay for your sake I will limit my time with my guy friends" he smiled "would you.. umm wanna be my girlfriend?" You smiled
"Yeah As long as you don't get jealous all the time" he smiled "I promise"

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