|Part 3|

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When i woke up i had the WORST headache of all time. Im not even gonna go to school today. I pick up my phone and see i have a message from billie.

Bil💖-Hey. Srry if i woke you but i just wanted to say have a great day at school and ya..Bye mamas.
y/n-Hey no you didnt wake me and im not going to school today.
Bil💖-Why not. Are u good
y/n- Ehh kinda no cause when i woke up i had the WORST migraine so im not going to school.
Bil💖-Oh im so sorry...Here ill just come to your house and we can hang so your not lonely.
y/n-No its fine, you dont have to drive all the way here.Im ok.Dont waste your time.
Bil💖-No...Imma come over and whats your address?
y/n-Really.im serious.
Bil💖-IM SERIOUS. AND trust me im definitely not waisting my time. Address?
y/n-Fine its (Your address).

About 20 minutes later i hear a knock so i put on some shorts and a tube top cause its the first thing i saw...and go get the door. I open the door and i see billie on her phone with her ear buds in.

Billie-Oh sorry.

She huged me and man was i mentally freaking out.But i huged back.

y-its okay.We can go to my room

i automatically regretted saying that cause i had posters of her everywhere. You couldnt see none of my wall.Nothing but a window.

Billie POV

I drove to her house and man the neighborhood she lives in is fancy as fuq.

anyways when i wnt in her room she turned sooo red it was funny but i liked her room cause i was EVERYWHERE literally.

the rest of tge day we just played around,watched movies,and know we are basically best friends.
Guys that was JUST a filler and it was TRASH.Trust me the n3xt chapter will be better.(354 words)

Bye.. Billie BABIES

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