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"HAILEY" Nash yells from downstairs.



I walk back to the room Hayes and I share and tell him "wake up it's noon! Nash says we have to pack for magcon tomorrow. Come on!!"

I have to admit this is gonna be my first time at magcon and I'm really excited.

We go to our sides of the room. Skylynn has her own room, mom and dad, Nash and Will, Hayes and I. But I don't mind Hayes and I are really close, we cuddle and tell each other everything.

We are going to Nashville for 1 week so I am packing a lot. I am gonna bring a swim suit just in case, you never know.

When we finish packing our mom calls us for dinner. We have chicken.

We go up for bed since were leaving early in the morning. Hayes and I have a small room so we share a queen sized bed. We got in bed and Hayes wrapped his arms around me and said "night twin, love you" "night twin, love you too"

Next Morning (Nash POV)

It's 4:48am and the twins need to be up at 5am. I go to eat breakfast and when I finish it's 4:59 so I go to wake the twins.

I walked in and they were cuddling. Aww! I take a picture, post it on twitter with the caption "twin time is cute @hayesgrier @haileygrier" then wake them up.

"Wake up Hailey, wake up Hayes"

"Why do I have too?" Hailey said.

"Okay" says Hayes and he gets up.

"We leave in 2 hours for magcon!!"

"Oh okay" she says and gets up. Seems like she is excited.

Hayes POV

Nash got us up and I got ready in the bathroom first. I showered then got dressed. When I walk out I see Hailey in sweats and a messy bun with make up on.

"You not showering?" I ask

"Nah, I'll shower at the hotel when we get there"

"Eww gross!!!! Just joking love you"

"Love you too twiny"

At the airport (Haileys POV)

They just called our plane and I'm a little bit nervous. I am scared of planes and I have never met the boys yet. I hope they like me.

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