Chad Dylan Cooper: Fake Dating

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Suparna's POV:

"Chad, I don't want to do this." I whined as he opened the door for me, letting me walk into the arcade.

"Hey, we're just doing this to get back at James, alright?" Chad said, putting his hands on my shoulders and looking at me straight in the eyes. I nodded my head. Chad took my hand and led me into an open booth. I blushed a little with the sudden contact but covered my face before Chad could see.

Chad found the perfect booth with a view of James and Tawni. He let me sit down first, before sitting down next to me. I saw James look up from Tawni and see me. I glared at him before holding onto Chad's hand, probably squeezing.

"Hey, it's ok. Calm down, Suparna." I relaxed a little but still stayed attentive. James sent me a glare back before looking away.

"Suparna, put your head on my shoulder." Chad said from beside me in the booth. I looked over at him before rolling my eyes and leaning on him. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer.

"I can't believe James would do something like that to Tawni, Sonny, and me. And I can't believe I'm on a date with you." I whispered so James and Tawni couldn't hear.

"You're only here because Sonny was too busy crying to help bust James. Besides, literally every tween and teen across America ships us. We're just satisfying their want." I nodded my head before looking over at the couple sharing an ice cream together. Suddenly, I felt a person's presence behind us. Specially, two people. I turned around to see Nico and Grady with their jaws dropped.

"Are you two dating?" Nico said, a little to loudly. Thankfully, neither Tawni nor James heard him. I shushed him before calling them to sit on the other side of the booth.

"We're spying on Tawni and James. You know James, right? The one who dumped me in two days." Nico and Grady nodded while I felt Chad tense up and squeeze me.

"Ok, we'll leave you two alone. We just came here to eat the froyo." I nodded my head before relaxing into Chad.

"You know, this is really nice having you rest on my shoulder. In theory." I scrunched my eyebrows and blushed. Maybe he felt the same way I felt for him. If only he knew. 

James looked over at us before squinting his eyes. Shoot. Did he overhear our conversation with Nico and Grady? I crossed my fingers and prayed he didn't. But he wouldn't look away as Tawni left, probably to go to the bathroom.

"Chad, we have to make this more convincing. I think James overheard us. He's glaring at us right now." I panicked a little and closed my eyes. 

Suddenly, I felt a pair of lips on my own, kissing me slowly but quite passionately. I opened my eyes to see Chad pulling me closer into the kiss. I closed my eyes again and continued to kiss him. Finally, we let go and stared at each other. I looked over to see James in shock while Tawni finally turned around and sent me a smile. I sent her one back before flipping James off. I finally faced Chad, looking up at him.

"Wow. Who knew." He said while looking at me and smiling dreamily.

"Yeah. Who knew." I said before blushing and giggling. All of a sudden I heard gasps. I looked around me but stopped when I saw Tawni pour her drink on James.

"That's for hurting me and both of my best friends! Jerk!" She yelled out before storming over to our booth. I walked over to him with both of Chad and my ice waters. I dumped both of them on him.

"That's for ruining the best fake date I've had." I said before stepping on his foot and going back to Chad and Tawni. I saw them clap and applaud me as I curtsied.Tawni decided to leave and give Chad and I some time alone.

"So what does this make us?" Chad asked me as I looked up at him.

"Whatever you want us to be." I said to him nervously. I thought he was about to leave, but he wrapped and arm around my waist and brought me closer to him before pulling me into another kiss. This time, I kissed him back immediately.

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