*Harry's Pov*

The window was clouded as I breathed against it. I weakly brought my fingertips to the glass, drawing small circles into the foggy patch. Man, I was bored.

I felt a slim pair of arms wrap around my bare body as they pulled me into them. I scowled a little, getting out of the grasp as I heard a soft voice giggle lightly.

"I want you." She hummed into my ear, causing me to harshly roll my eyes as I turned around to face her.

I pushed her arms off of me. "Not again."

She let out a deep sigh but it evolved into a light chuckle as her hands ran through her blonde hair. "I didn't pay for this."

I contained my short patience as I took deep breaths to relax myself. "You got what you paid for ten minutes ago. I'm leaving."

Her hands placed themselves on my broad shoulders as I gazed at her blue eyes, her big lips pouting. "You didn't sound miserable on the phone when we scheduled this."

"You didn't sound like a nymphomaniac English teacher when we scheduled this either." I breathed, but she grinned deviously before lowering her lips to my neck.

"You know what you're doing, Harry Styles?" She murmured with a smirk. "You're playing hard to get."

"I'm sure it's because I want to go home." I groaned in frustration and pushed her off of me gently once more.

"How much do you want, eh? C'mon, Harry. You want a hundred?"

Her long arms wrapped around the back of my neck as I intently exhaled. My hand firmly rose to her cheek, cupping it gently as my lips were centimetres away from hers.

"No wonder your husband left you." I whispered, and she softened under my touch as she frowned in dismay. I lightly patted her cheek, as if to wake her as I pulled back from her embrace.

"I only fuck easy girls when I'm drunk. Give it a saturday night and we'll see what happens." I snickered harshly, but she was silent.

I dressed back into my clothes as she morosely stared at my body. Her blue eyes welled a little as she crossed her arms and lightly coughed. "Uh, do you need a ride home?"

I shook my head quickly. "I'd rather walk."

I lit a cigarette as I exited quietly, my head down whilst walking through the elegant pathway of her lovely garden which I despised. I inhaled the bitter taste of tobacco, whistling with every step I took.

I wanted a car to ram into my body and decapitate me. I was living in this shit hole country called Wales and I could do nothing about it. My new family were the fucking Whites and I hope to God that they don't love their daughter because I'm about two seconds from throwing her in front of that car with me.

I should be back in Cheshire earning money and spending the nights with customers. But now I had a pretty big downgrade and I was sleeping with high school teachers. I didn't care how hot she was, she was just like everyone else in Wales; aggravating.

My phone rang after ten minutes, the familiar ringtone indicating me which device this was. This was not the right time. I rummaged through my bag angrily and tried my best to sound the least bit sexy for a paying customer.

"Hey, baby," I purposely spoke in a lower tone. "What will it be?"

"Uh, hi. My name is Carly." her voice was innocent. "I really, really like my boss and I was really hoping you could...?"

I wanted this torture to end. I groaned to myself, feeling the need to punch something, hard. "You want me to pretend to be your boss?"

"Basically, yeah. His name's Mr Johnson. He's really giving me a hard time at the office and it kind of turns me on." She whispered in embarrassment.

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