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"Cool huh?" Ben said as we entered his room. "No... nothing cool." Richie said loudly. I smacked him lightly. "I think it's cool, Ben."

"What's that?" Stan asked, pointing to a poster on the wall. "That's the charter for Derry township." Ben said. "Heh, nerd alert." Richie said, adjusting his glasses. "No... actually it's really interesting." Ben said softly. "Derry started as a beaver trapping camp." He told us. "Still is am I right, boys?" Richie yelled, throwing his hand up for a high five. Nobody gave him one.

"91 people signed the charter that made Derry... but later that winter, they all disappeared without a trace." My breath hitched. "One day everybody just... woke up and left. The only clue was a trail of bloody clothes leading to the Well house." He said. "Jesus... we can get Derry on unsolved mysteries." Richie exclaimed. I heard a door squealing as it closed and I turned around. Beverly was standing beside Ben's bedroom door. On the back of it was a New Kids on the Block poster. I chuckled to myself. Ben gave her a pleading look and she shrugged and put the door back to where it was. "Where was the Well House?" Bill asked suddenly. "I don't know... somewhere in town, I guess." Ben said with a shrug.

We hung out at Ben's house for a little bit before finally heading home for the night.

"Hey, Bev?" She turned to look at me. "Do you want to sleepover tonight?" She shrugged. "Sure. What time?" I frowned. "Uh... seven?" I didn't know what my parents had to do, but I knew my dad wouldn't say anything. He'd just be happy I had friends at all.

"Sounds good." Bev said with a smile. "Are you sure your dad would be okay with it." A dark look crossed her face but it was gone as quick as it came. "It'll be fine. Trust me." She smiled quickly and ran her fingers through her short hair. She turned away from me and started walking off. "Wait!" She turned around, her eyes trained on mine.

I was going to tell her about my mom. I was gonna do it— this would be it!

"Uh... nevermind."

This would definitely not be it.

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