Chapter 1: Typical Nights

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I had just hopped out the shower and my Bestfriend Dream was calling me.

"BIIITCH !!" She screamed on the other line,

"Girl what happened ?"

"Migos coming to Adrianne's tonight"

"Are you fucking serious? You done yelled, had me worried just to tell me that the Migos were coming." I said nonchalantly.

"Girl they got that shmoney and we got fat asses, plus Quavo is cute as fuck."

I chuckled , "I understand that but I'm not gonna fuck then make them send me home. My standards are high, my parents raised me right!"

She laughed "Girl you only live once , anyways I'm opening up tonight so hurry up it's already 9:00."

"Ok ok ! I'm doing my makeup now."

"Bitch you probably just got out the shower." She laughed.

"BYE !" I hung up and smiled

I started my makeup and went on live.

"Hey y'all, I'm finna go to work and Migos gone be there. Ain't that exciting." I said playfully rolling my eyes .

@itskylesfav : Girl your makeup looks good 😍

@pettyslayer : Yass Girl! You is on fleek 🙀❤️‼️

@bigballeraaron : WCE 😍❌🧢

"Y'all pull up to Adrianne's tonight, my bestie opening it up."

I got dressed and ended the live, I got into my Mercedes Benz and drove to Adrianne's . I had my stripper bag in my hand and I locked the car. My bad included My outfit, deodorant, perfume, lipgloss, tampons, heels and g2b glue for this lace .

I opened the front door and greeted the security, I went into the dressing room and saw most of the girls but my eyes were on my girls, Miracle, Masika and Dream.

"Finally she's here!" Masika said smiling, I walked over to all of them and gave them hugs.

"Heyy y'all, sorry I'm late. A bitch was tired." I said fake yawning.

"Girl save it we saw your live, hurry up we're opening up with Dream."

"Oh. Thank babes I really appreciate it." I said giving her a kiss.

"No problem hoe, I know you would do it for me."

"Ok ok, done with all de' lovey stuff you guys have to go perform." Our maid said to us.

"Ok mami , we're going now." I said changing into my outfit.

When I finished I asked Miracle to take a picture of me.

When I finished I asked Miracle to take a picture of me

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