Chapter 9 - Watching Bella

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"I already told you Minttu, I haven't spook to Hulkenberg since that day, I have no idea where or how he is. " Bella replies tiredfully sitting in one of the tables at the bar, her boss following her.

Minttu grins looking her up and down. "He will contact you at some point. He didn't gave you all those clothes and the cellphone for nothing, that only means he wants to keep contact." Minttu shrugs.

"Yeah, I slept with him so he might feel obligated or something to give me this." She shoved her hands into her pockets frowning at the girls in front rehearsing for the night, Bella wasn't scheduled to dance so the other girls were supposed to learn the choreography.

"He didn't need to give you a phone." She rested her chin on her palm relaxing. "Yet he did, that's probably because he definitely wants to see you again, and he will contact you." She looked away as the girls started the rehearsal.

"Yeah." Bella sigh biting her nail. "That is so cringy" she chuckles pointing at the girls trying a weird choreography

Bella tries to change the subject somehow feeling guilt. Her memory was playing dangerous games, bringing Ricciardo back to her mind, those weird things he did confusing her too much. He was an idiot, that was clear, and it was a turn on.

Minttu cackled nodding. "You know, Hulkenberg doing all of this for you is a big deal right?" She uncrossed her ankles in front of her. "He's a really...demanding man, so let's just say that he thinks that he owns you now" Her brows knitted, her lower lip drew between her teeth.

She scowled rolling her eyes. "Men being men." Bella pressed her lips together raising a brow when one of the girls rehearsing fell from the small stage.

"I think you should...-" she glared at the ladies in front of her.

"I think I should too." Bella replies jumping on her feet, stridently reaching the ladies.

"Guys, all good here?" Bella asks looking between both Ilaria and Linda who shook their heads back, Limda' face screwed in annoyance as she got up. "Can I help?"

"Yes please!" Ilaria replies softly nodding.

"Alright, what if I try the choreography I've built, and you guys try after me? Does that sound good?" Both nod holding Bella's hand.

Minttu gives Bella a thumbs up when she turns around, looking for the blindfold. Whenever she rehearsed, she had to wear the small dark material covering her eyes, always insisting that it gave her some advantage preparing herself to dance to those men. But for Minttu it was just one of the thousands things Bella did to feel confident with herself.

Bella was a little genius, she was that person who would do anything to get what she wants. She always dreamed about big things and deep down Minttu knew she didn't deserve that life she offered. But she always liked Bella since they've meet and since forever both helped each other. Minttu would never leave her friend in need knowing that she could help somehow, even if it was wrong or dangerous.

Seeing Bella dance was always a pleasure, an unique opportunity for those around her. She always had a raw talent to dance, even though she insists she doesn't really dance well, Isabella proved it wrong. She had this sensuality, this freedom, it was like her hips, her body could communicate directly with the song, doesn't matter which was and it was truly fascinating.

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