⚫Chapter 2⚫

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Monday, August 20

The pool party was extremely fun.

Saphira pretty much invited everyone.

People from my previous high school and most of Lucian and Blaike's college friends.

I met many new people, and ate a lot. It was currently 8:55 am as I walked down the stairs to get ready for my morning jog.

I was exactly an hour later than usual. This past weekend had been wild.

Saphira's pool party took place on Saturday and the pack party took place yesterday. The house was still a bit dirty, but it wasn't too major. I removed my new shoes from the closet and placed them on my feet.

I was absolutely in love with these shoes.

As I looked at them, I couldn't help but remember what happened two weeks ago at SportChek.

Why was that guy Elias staring at me?

And why did his stare hold so much meaning to it?

I shook away my thoughts as I opened the front door.

The sun was slowly peeking through the forest as I began to lightly jog through it. I heard the birds sweetly singing to each other while the wind blew against the trees. I could smell the faint dew from the rain that came down early that morning.

I soon arrived at my pond and walked towards my usual tree and started to take my shoes off when something caught my eye.

Someone was already in my pond.

Now I knew that pond was the within the border, so technically it didn't belong to any pack, but I called it mine. Every morning after my run, I would always come to my pond and dip my feet in it as I pondered about life.

But by the looks of it, someone had already beat me to it.

I slowly put my left shoe back on and decided to watch the figure swimming in my pond.

How dare they?

As I am staring at the person I instantly realized something.

I woke up late, meaning I just broke my 8 am morning routine. Meaning, someone might have a similar morning routine to mine. Meaning, that this pond was technically no longer mine. Meaning that this pond was technically never mine.

As I was thinking about these things, the figure slowly emerged from the water.

It was a girl.

As I continued watching, I noticed this girl had extremely broad shoulders. She also had a really sick shoulder tattoo. Not something I see every day.

With their back facing me, the girl slowly stepped out of the pond. I shielded my eyes not wanting to see her bare butt...

After around fifteen seconds, I slowly opened my eyes to see that the girl had turned around and a white towel had appeared around her waist.

This girl literally had an eight pack and I was beyond jealous. I guess she worked out a lot. I also noticed that this girl had no boobs!


She suddenly reached up to ring her hair dry from the water showcasing her Adam's apple.

Wait, that's not a girl... That's a guy! I stood there feeling dumb and stupid. Maybe I needed glasses. And to make matters worse, I soon realized it was him.

That dude that was weirdly staring at me in SportChek two weeks ago.


I grunted before running away from my pond. He just ruined my morning with his sexy body and beautiful eyes.

I was beyond pissed.

As I arrived back at the pack house, I immediately rushed into the shower feeling quite upset about my weird 'encounter' with Elias at the pond.

And one thing was for sure. I did not like sharing.

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