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Annabeth's POV:

"Okay, I'm going to go over the plan once more," I state that night. Everyone groans. We've been talking about the prank tonight, when the Brawns tribe goes to tribal, for two hours now. We're about to leave, but I want to make sure everyone knows their part. "Connor and Travis will hide the cooking supplies under the tarp, over the empty fire pit. Hazel will stack all the bags in the nook between the two trees Percy told us about. Then Leo will cover it all, including the shelters, with massive leaves and branches from nearby trees. And I will help Hazel before we both go to the Beauty camp and bring them to a fake second prank that Jeff is in on, at tribal council. While we are pranking with the Beauty tribe, you guys will finish up at the Brawns and do the exact same thing for the Beauty tribe. Just make sure to hide theirs more near the river, there's more coverage. Did I get that right?"

"Yes, now they're probably leaving for tribal now, so can we get going?" Travis complains. Rolling my eyes, I nod and we all stand, gathering everything we may need. I sure hope this works, playing a prank on someone is bad at Survivor, because it can give you another enemy, but a whole two tribes? That's extremely dangerous.

As we stalk along the beach, snuggling up closer to the tree line, Leo asks a question that's been on my mind ever since this prank came into play. "Do you think it's going to be too obvious that is was us because all of our stuff was not gone?"

Hazel takes this into thought, I see, practically watching the wheels turning in her head, "Well, if we act the same way, and complain about our stuff being lost as well, we could fit in."

Connor holds up a hand, "If we're going to do that, we need to make it look real. Right, Leo?" He sends a pointed look at him.

Leo smirks, "Hey, hey, I'm Bad Boy Supreme, I've got some acting skills under my belt thank you very much."

Kicking the dirt, I let my brain work over time. "That means we'll be stirring things up right before the merge into two groups. Which means blame will be circulating," I tap my chin. "Which also means if we don't make our situation look real enough, we will be in serious trouble."

"They could think it's Jeff," Hazel suggests.

Nodding, I point at her, "That is true." I continue to think, trying to pinpoint a weak spot where one tribe may be blamed more than others. The Brawns tribe will be at trial, which means they probably won't be blamed for anything. Some of us will be with the Beauty tribe, but others back at the camps. The Beauty tribe will be with us. "We have the most likely of a chance of being caught because we were the only ones at the camps while everyone else was out," I say, speaking out.

Nico glances sideways at me, "What if we turned the tables on them?"

Leo stops, and we look back at him. "The Brawns tribe is going to be coming back, correct?"

"Yeah," I say slowly, trying to catch at what he's getting at.

"Well, what if we continue this prank on them a little longer, holding the Beauty tribe at the tribal council a while longer so we can manipulate them into thinking that it was the Brawns tribe all along since they were at camp while we were out. And if the rest of us could finish up before the Brawns tribe leaves the council area..." Leo trails off, letting us connect the dots.

A light bulb brightens in my head, "Then we'll all be there and no suspicion about us will circulate!" But what about Percy, he's in the Brawns tribe too and will have an even bigger target on his back, a small voice whispers through my thoughts. I ignore it, for now, I'll have to do some serious thinking later in order to have the rest of his tribemates blamed but not him. I'm sure I'll be able to think of something.

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