"Are you saying I look rather good today?" He was smug about it but I knew he was just being playful.

"Oh, please." I rolled my eyes playfully as my mouth lifted to a smile.

He was really being weird today. The last time he was like this was when we had visited his father's grave. He had smiled at me that day. It might have not reached his eyes but it was there. Up until now, he was giving me a full blown one. He looked happy, younger even.

"Are we getting breakfast?" He asked.

"Yeah, I hope the diner is fine." I told him.

"Of course it is. Why wouldn't it be?"

"Well, it's a rundown diner that had been here since I was a kid. The food will pretty much give you a heart attack yet you still come back because it's that good." I chuckled. "But if you want we could go somewhere else."

"Sounds deadly. I'm in." He chuckled.

I brought him to my favorite diner where they served the best strawberry milkshake. We ordered a plate of waffles and sausages. He had another cup of coffee while I just went ahead and ordered my cold drink. It would take another year before I could taste this again so I had to savor it.

Breakfast went normally well. Just a few conversations were brought up as we ate silently during the whole meal. To be honest, I didn't have any idea what he wanted to talk about. He was the one that kept initiating the flow of conversation between us. I had wanted to ask some things about him but it tend to get too personal. He might not want to answer them. We were from two different worlds so I didn't think we had something in common to talk about.

"Where are you taking me next?" Pierce asked as were exiting the diner.

"The cemetery," I looked up to see his reaction.

I didn't intend to take him with me today but somehow he would always find a way entering through the cracks of my wall. "I had planned on visiting my parents today," I continued.

He grabbed my hand and smiled, "Then I'm coming, I want to meet them."

"You would?" I was caught by surprise that he was willing to visit their grave with me. My eyes then went to our intertwined fingers. His hands were a bit calloused but it felt as if his hand was meant to fit mine. It was warm and welcoming.

"Of course, I would." He tightened his grip, reassuring me that he was there for me. My dad would have probably liked him. I smiled to myself; nobody held my hand this way before.

We walked all the way to the cemetery since it was just a few blocks away. We made a quick stop by a flower shop to buy a dozen of fresh lilies for my parents. Gran didn't have work today since their shop was closed for the holidays. We weren't able to get flowers from the shop where she worked.

Pierce never let go of my hand as we walked the quiet streets of the neighborhood. He seemed comfortable reaching out for my hand every time I had to let go when it was necessary. It was unusual for him to be acting like he had feelings for me. But I couldn't help that it felt rather calming to have him hold my hand like that. Another boundary had been overstepped. But then, I was guilty because I yearned for it.

I probably wouldn't be able to fight it any longer if he would keep me dragging to a dead end. I didn't even know where I stood. Would I let him use me like this? Or was this beyond something else? I mentally shook my head. Dwelling into it would only heighten my expectations.

Placing the flowers onto their tombstone, I picked some of the dried leaves that had fallen from the trees around. I felt tears had threatened to come out but I held it in since Pierce was just standing behind me.

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