Chapter 14

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Feeling the need to pee, it woke me up. I lifted myself off the bed and looked at the time on my phone. It was just six in the morning. A bit early for me but I guess I had to start my day ahead. It was also a perfect time to get ready. Pierce might still be asleep right now so it was my chance to avoid him throughout the day.

I took a hot shower and dressed myself in thick black leggings and an oversized wool sweater. It was going to be windy and chilly today since winter was approaching in a few weeks. I finished my look with a beanie and brown boots. Slowly opening the door to my bedroom, I crept to the hall quietly as to avoid waking Pierce or my grandmother. I made it through down the stairs without making any noise, only a few meters away from the door when a voice startled me all of a sudden.

"Where are you going?"

I turned my head to my right and saw Pierce standing at the kitchen doorway as he held a cup of hot coffee, wearing grey sweatpants and a white tee. His hair was still disheveled from sleep. He actually looked good with that kind of look. He didn't even have to try!

"Out," I replied not wanting to expand my answer.

He put his mug down on the table and started to walk towards me. He loomed over me as I gulped at the small proximity we had. "Aren't you going to show me around the city today?" He grinned.

This was one of the rare moments that Pierce showed his genuine smile. His eyes twinkled and I could see his dimple prominently displayed to my liking. He still maintained his light stubble that made him look gorgeous. I wondered what he looked like when he shaved.

"Do you shave your facial hair?" The question left my mouth before I could even think what I was doing. I panicked, no longer able to take it back.


"Uh, what?"

His lips now tugged to form a smirk. He was clearly enjoying my struggle. I inwardly groaned at my stupidity. He clearly had an effect on me that I should not be allowed to be having. We had overstepped our boundaries numerous times.

"You could stop staring now." His smirk was still there. I knew I was already blushing but hadn't notice that I was observing his facial features.

I scoffed, "You wish." I walked past him and felt my arm being held back. His strong hands gripped both of my arms gently, trapping me so I could face him.

"Stop running away from me." He flashed me that smile again.

"I wasn't."

Yes you were.

"You're stuck with me today. Deal with it." He gave me a toothy grin. "Let me just change quickly. Wait for me?"

"Okay," I croaked, unable to bear the proximity. He let go of me and quickly disappeared going up the stairs. I huffed and blew some air to my fringe, letting out a frustrated sigh. There was no escaping him. While killing the time, I made myself comfortable onto the couch. I wanted to eat something but I was craving for some food at my favorite diner.

Twenty minutes later, I heard his footsteps descend down the stairs. I looked up and saw his golden brown mane damp from the shower he just took. He wore a brown leather jacket then paired it with a plaid dress shirt.

I had to admit, he looked gorgeous with his ensemble but we really needed to go. Hunger was overpowering me right now instead of swooning over this man. "You know, this isn't fashion week. Let's go." I let myself out the door while Pierce followed behind me. He rushed his pace to fall into step with me.

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